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Nepal: In the Lap of Himalayas!

Nepal: a land of hills and mountains all around, a country situated in the lap of the great Himalayas, a land of the great Gautam Budhdha, which I visited last year in June 2014, is suffering from severe natural calamity these days. The massive earthquakes have almost thrown out the ancient heritage and beauty of Nepal.  I and my friends had visited Nepal via  Bihar-Raxual Border. Reached Kathmandu in the overnight journey. While suffering from severe heat waves in Bihar, hardly had we entered 40-50km inside Nepalese region, we felt the cool and calm atmoshphere of Nepal throughout the night. Next morning at 6AM, we saw the Kathmandu's marvellous sight. Boarded a hotel there and visited many places as Pashupati Nath Temple,  Swayambbunath Temple, Patan, Durbar Square, Bhakatpur etc. Next day, we reached another great city- Pokhara, just 4-5hrs journey from Kathmandu. The famous Feva lake was very mind blowing and cooling efffect on the air. We done a boat ride there and en