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5 Lessons I have learnt from my last Thailand trip.

Though there are plenty of quotes on travel, I am not just going to elaborate any of them, but in a simple way, I can say that how travelling helps you to boost up your confidence, widen the span of your mind and curate your mental and physical fitness too. Every trip also teaches us a new chapter of the life. Here is such a lesson I have learnt from my last Thailand trip.

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5 Lessons I have learnt from my last Thailand trip

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Here are some lessons I would like to share regarding my last Thailand trip:

1. Planning without a guide:

Yes, in today’s internet era, nothing is hidden. No information is away from you. Just open your smartphone, and Google anything! Searching and researching is also a great fun. For planning your travel too, you no longer need any traditional guides. Look for all the required information like visa rules, currency exchange options, hostels, hotels, places of your interests etc. All the thing you can do yourself.

2. First foreign trip is not so scary!

People may feel nervous thinking about their first foreign trip. They wonder how the immigration process at the airport will be cleared first time. But remember, anything new or first time encounter makes you worried just first time only. Afterwards, you realize that it was so simple I was anxious about. At the counter, they ask you a few simple questions like your purpose of visit, your occupation etc., just answer them confidently and you are done. Same questions will be asked at the time of return flight from respective foreign airport.

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3. Non-vegetarians are more universal!

I don’t want to hurt the feelings of vegetarians, but you will find that the concept of being ‘vegetarian’ is found perhaps in India only. In other countries, people consume anything consumable by humans. I am not going to advise you to become non-vegetarian, if you are vegetarian, but you will face problems abroad due to your food choice. In Thailand also, vegetarians have limited options like fruits, breads, yoghurts etc. Indian food will me much costly than local Thai food, and you know that Thai food includes sea food, eggs, meat etc. So, I just wanted to say that vegetarians will have limited food choices.

4. Your English is better than them.

If your English is weak, don’t worry for that. Some people also ask me what if I can’t speak English, how will I survive abroad. Be clear that English may be an international language, but not a native language of all the remaining world. Only in UK, US and Australia, English is a full fledged language, but for rest of the world, English is a means of communication with foreigners and for them, it is a language of foreign affairs and business. Giant countries like China, Russia and even in eastern Europe, English is not at all popular, same condition prevails with Thailand too. In India, English is a language of elite class educated people which only reflects nothing but the 200 years long British domination. A language is just a means of communication, it’s not a knowledge! So, if you can speak a few common words or phrases in English, that will work in Thailand. Thai people say ‘no have’ instead of ‘don’t have, ‘strit’ instead of ‘street’, now you can decide you can compete with them or not.

5. Discipline matters everywhere.

Thailand is mostly disreputed for sex tourism, but in a tiny country like Thailand, you will see the school boys and girls, general public too, standing in queue at bus stop waiting for the bus. The traffic on the road is fast enough, but so calm and quiet that you can’t notice them unless your eyes are open. If you walk on the footpath with eyes having closed, you will feel as if you were alone in the city. Even a single chocolate wrapper is hard to find on the roads of Thailand. No street is full of political hoardings, wall posters and paintings etc. No loudspeakers cracking the tranquility of schools and hospitals. Such are some of the examples of level of discipline the Thai people are maintaining.

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