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Airport Immigration- Eight Common Questions

Friends, if you are traveling abroad for the first time, you may be worried about the immigration process which is done at the airport. Many people are scared of facing the questions asked by the immigration officers. In this post I will tell you eight most common questions asked by them.

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But first of all, I should tell you that immigration is not a rocket science at all. These are most basic questions about your travel. So, don’t panic and be calm. If you get tensed while taking to them, they think you to be suspicious, and may ask more difficult questions.

1. May I see your passport?

This is the very first question they will ask, 100% sure! You must answer “Here it’s”. Produce your passport to them. They will check and stamp it.

2. Your purpose of visit?

This is another common question asked by the immigration officials. You should answer the genuine reply like “for tour”, “for business” or “for meeting with friends or family”.

3. Are you traveling alone?

They often ask whether you are alone or with someone else. If you’re alone, just say ‘yes’ otherwise ‘no’. If you say no, they may further ask, “who is with you?”. Then, you should answer like “with my friend” or “with my husband” or “with family” etc. Don’t tell them names like “with John”. They will ask “who is John”? Just tell the relations.

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4. What do you do?

This is also a common question which will be asked with 100% certainty. They ask about your occupation or profession. Just say like “I am a student” or “I am a businessman” or “I have a job in a company”, whichever is correct to you.

5. How long are you staying here?

If asked by them, just tell them the real answer. Say like “for a week” or “for a month” or “for 10 days” etc.

6. Have you ever been here before?

They want to know whether you are a first time visitor or not. If you are first time visitor, just say “Yes, I am a first time visitor or “I have never been here before”. And if you are not for the first time, tell them when you visited last like “last year” or “6 months ago” etc.

7. Do you have any family here?

If you reply ‘no’ to it, no more questions will be asked by them. And if your answer is ‘ yes’, be prepared to answer more. If you have any family there, they may ask their details, tell them about them. They may ask their address, name etc.

8. Where are you staying?

Last but not the least, they may ask where you are staying. You can tell them the name of the hotel or hostel you have booked. If you are going to any relative’s home, tell them their address.

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