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How to Plan Andman Nicobar Trip

Friends, I have shared my travel story with you almost all the main places of Andaman. Yet I am writing another post in short form so that you can get some help in making Andaman’s program. Andaman is very far from the main land, so this dilemma in the mind of a lot of people is sure how to go to Andaman, how to create the program, Andaman will be expensive, etc.

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How to go to Andman from mainland?

First of all, there is no road or train to go to Andaman, because of this you have only two solutions – the first water vessel and the second airplane. Water ship information: The facility of water vessel can be found in three main coastal cities of India, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Chennai. The distance from these three cities is almost the same, that is approximately twelve hundred kilometers and time takes about sixty hours. 


                          In the water vessel, the bank class of Rs 2000, 5000 of first class cabin, 7000 of second class cabin and 9,000 of deluxe cabins is about 9000. All these figures I have told in the round figure, exact rent can vary between thousand and five hundred rupees. And yes, these fare does not include the cost of eating and drinking, seven to eight hundred rupees are to be felt separately. You can take some dry food items with you. 

Why go to the water ship:

If you have never realized your own seafront journey, and this time you want to do a long seafront, then this chance can be better for you, to go to Andaman. You can see the full rounded ocean view of 360 degrees around it.

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What are the problems with the water ship?

Like going to the mountains, there is a high mountain sickness or mountain sickness, the same is possible even if you are traveling on the ocean, but it is not necessary that it may happen necessarily. This is most likely from May to July , whereas there is very little chance from November to March in the cold days. Advice for taking Avomine pills is also given. 

            Secondly, you can get bored from the time it takes to go from the water vessel, it may take more than sixty hours, so you can go to the water for the experience on one side, return with the airplane.

How to book a water ship?

There is currently no online booking of water vessels and this is the biggest problem. You will have to buy tickets only at least five days before going to Kolkata, Chennai or Visakhapatnam office.

The names of the ships are-

  • M. v. Nicobar
  • M.V. Nancowry
  • M.V. Akbar
  • M.V. Harshavardhana
  • M.V. Swaraj Dweep

You can get more information from this link:

About airplanes:

There should not be any problem in booking air tickets, you can do the same at home. But yes, the sooner you get the air tickets, you will have the same benefit. You can make a booking up to a maximum of one year, and fares can be up to Rs 4000 and less per sector. Do not try to book directly in the peak season of December-January, the fares start skyrocketing upto Rs 20,000 Rupees!

              By the way, Port Blair city is connected to almost all main metro cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, but non-stop flights are only from Kolkata and Chennai, and the lowest fare also. Flight from Kolkata will be easiest for North Indians, while for South Indians from Chennai. Apart from Air India, flights of private airline services are also available.

The best weather to go:

Although December and January are the most peak time, but there is also a lot of crowd at that time. Hotels, taxi, auto, they all become expensive. At the same time, it is also difficult to get the water ship ticket. From October to March, it can be considered as a suitable time for Andaman, leaving the rain and summer season. In the summer, the humid weather will make life frivolous and in the rain there is a lot of ship cancellations, the journey can be troublesome.

How to create a program after reaching Andman?

Andman iha the three most important places – Port Blair, Neil and Havelock. These are all in the southern Andaman. Port Blair must own at least three days. By sea route, from Port Blair, Neil is 36 km while Havelock is 55 km away.

          Many people go to Havelock for only one day, they go back in the morning and return to the evening that day, but at least one day they must stay there. Many people do not even go to the Neil Islands, but they can also go there for a day. Apart from this, you can return to Baratang, which is 100 km north of Port Blair and return on the same day. In this way only if the South Andaman has to be explored, then a week’s time is enough.

           If you have ten days, then you can also go to North Andman. Distance from Port Blair, the last city of North Andaman, Diglipur, is 325 km, for which there are two ways – bus by road or by sea route. While traveling by road, you pass through Jarawa forest, Baratang, Rangat, Mayabandar. From Port Blair to Diglipur direct journey will take ten hours. Diglipur can be explored in a day or two.

One day for Ross and Smith Island and if the intent is to track the Andaman’s highest Saddle Peak, one more day is needed. While coming back from Diglipur, you can see Mayabandar and Rangat, spend the night in Rangat. The next day, roam Baratag and return to Port Blair. You can also reverse it, that is, you can spend the night in Rangat, after visiting Baratang, the next day, seeing the Mayabandar, till the evening, Diglipur.

Then return to Port Blair directly from Diglipur. Thus, for the Northern Andaman, it will take at least three or four days. Earlier, there was a night ferry service from Port Blair to Diglipur, but it is discontinued now, it could save a day’s time. Only day time ferry is available now which takes eight hours. You can click on links below this post to know more about Andaman’s sights.

About water vessels running between islands:

There are two types of water ships in Andaman- Government and Private. Government water vessels are much less expensive than private ships, but they take longer. Private water vessels have been introduced some years ago, among them there are different types of class and also take less time. But private water vessels only run from Port Blair to Neil and Havelock, while the network of government water vessels is everywhere. If you want to go from Port Blair to Rangat or Diglipur, you will get the govt water ship for this. A definite program of booking of government water vessels is issued and they are released only five days before the journey, but they do not have any system of online booking and you can get tickets on the counter only by showing any ID proof. The good thing is that all the booking counters are interconnected and tickets can be made from anywhere. All government or private water vessels depart from Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay Jetty.

On the other hand private ships can be easily booked online or by a travel agent. These three private services are Makruzz, Green Ocean and Coastal Cruise. The speed of makruzz is the fastest. Their website links are:,,

Apart from these, small boats run on small islands for small distances, which are close to Rs five to hundred rupees. There are some such islands – Ross Island, North Bay, Jolly Buoy, near Port Blair, Ross and Smith Island of Diglipur. For the Ross and North Bay Islands, a boat is obtained from the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex of Port Blair, which is near the Cellular Jail, while Jolly Buoy has to go to Wondoor, which is 30 km from Port Blair. A boat is obtained from Aerial Bay Jetty for Ross and Smith of Diglipur.

There are many other islands in Andaman such as Long Island, Little Andaman etc. Some people also go on all these islands. And all are connected only with government water vessels. For more information, visit Andaman Tourism website

About road traffic in Andaman Port of Andaman Port of Blair

The network of buses is very good and all the tourist sites like Cellular Gail, Chatham Ara Mill, Chidiyatapu, Wandoor, Corbin Coast etc. can be reached by bus. You can also rent a bike and auto runs too.

Bus is not available in the island of Neil, but bicycles, bikes or scooty are easily rented. There is also a very small island, so you can also walk on foot.

Havelock also has bus and auto, as well as bike or scooter rental. But in Havelock, bus runs only from Jetty to the route of Randhangar, not on other routes.

Other long distance road journeys such as Port Blair to Baratang, Rangat, Mayabandar and Diglipur, both government and private buses run daily from Mohanpura bus stand of Port Blair. This bus stand is near Port Blair’s Aberdeen market. Local buses and autos are also available in both Rangat and Diglipur cities.

Hotels in Andaman:

Port Blair city has hundreds of hotels, from four to five hundred rupees budget to several thousand rupees. So there is no problem in Port Blair. Neil and Havelock are just as expensive and it is good to get booked online, or else there can be a lot of trouble. On booking online, budget hotels will be available in Neil-Havelock from five to eight hundred rupees. If you do not book online, they will not agree to offer you any hotel room below one thousand rupees. There is no need for online booking in the remaining Rangat and in Diglipur, there will be lodges available in two to three hundred rupees. Some of the big hotels are seen on the internet but are expensive.

Status of food in Andaman:

Andaman is also a mini India and everybody has settled there from the mainland, whereas the native tribes of that place are not in mainstream. Most people are settled from Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, yet the language is Hindi only, secondly Tamil and Bangla later. Mainly the use of saltwater fish in food is high. The food has a plethora of south Indian flavors. Yet vegetarian food is also found easily.

Mobile network information at the end:

As much as the urban areas of Andaman, such as Port Blair, Rangat and Diglipur, BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone have networks, BSNL is in all the remote areas. Prepaid-Postpaid all works. But the Internet is not good anywhere on mobile, no matter what the network. There is no network of Jio yet. In the local SIM card of Andman, the internet of BSNL might work a little bit, but not in the roaming SIM which will be with you. The whole Andaman for the Internet is only dependent on BSNL broadband. That’s why there are cyber cafes running there, in which you can run Wi-Fi on mobile by giving forty rupees per hour.

Hopefully, you might like these posts very much. If there is any doubt in your mind then you can ask in the comment.

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