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Panchghagh Falls: The safest waterfall near Khunti-Ranchi in Jharkhand

You must have heard of various waterfalls in Jharkhand around the capital city Ranchi. This state is blessed with numerous such small waterfalls, but few of them are known and regularly visited by the tourists. Some of them are Hundru Falls, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls etc. Some waterfalls are also notorious for the number of accidents took place there. For example, many tourists have lost their life in Dassam falls while trying to get a view from the top of the fall. Although tourists are always warned not to do it, but still they take risk for this small amount of fun.

Top 4 waterfalls of Jharkhand- Hundru, Dassam, Hirni and Jonha

Hills and Valleys of Jharkhand- Parasnath, Netarhat, Dalma and Kiriburu.

The Panchghagh Falls

Now I recently found a waterfall named ‘Panchghagh’, located just at a distance of 50km from Ranchi and just 8km from Khunti. This fall is neither as high like Hundru or Dassam, nor it has any steep downstairs to watch the falling water.

I often wonder about such a nomenclature ‘Panchghagh’, meaning five streams. It is said that there are five streams of Kanchi river, but at the current moment, we found only one main stream and nothing else. It may be due to the dry weather in winters, but it rainy season, five streams may be seen also.

Why Panchghagh is safer?

Actually, the height of Panchghagh Falls is very low and it even sometimes does not look like a waterfall. Water gradually flows down over the rocks and finally reaches the foot of the hills. That is why this fall is considered to be safer than other waterfalls, as there is no risk of falling hazard here.

How to reach Panchghagh falls?

You can take a bus from Ranchi to Khunti and the falls is just 8km from the bus stop, you can hire any auto rickshaw or taxi. If you are from Jamshedpur, you can also take a direct bus to Khunti and visit the falls. If you have own vehicle, you can travel by any route. Remember that Panchghagh is 130km from Jamshedpur and 50km from Ranchi.

Entry tickets at Panchghagh

A nominal amount of Rs 7 per head is charged as entry fee and Rs 12 is charged separately for bikes. This fund is said to be used by the Jharkhand Tourism department for the development of the area, but still there is a lot to develope in Jharkhand.

Facilities Available at Panchghagh

As you already know that Jharkhand tourism has still a lot to grow like other Indian states. At every tourist zone, there must be convenient ways and facilities to reach and stay. But Jharkhand lacks in this regard. Neither any tourist point is well connected directly by trains nor any government bus runs directly to these points from all the major cities of the state.

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Likewise is the condition at Panchghagh falls too. There are only small street hawkers selling some snacks and eatables. There is not any big restaurant. If anyone wishes to stay here a night, he or she will be disappointed. I found only a view point which was made by the tourism department.

The things I liked most at Panchghagh

This waterfall is not as high like Hundru or Dassam falls, but the wide area around the falls is very attractive which serves as an excellent picnic spot. All round there are jungle of saal (sakhua) and palaas. The jungle is spread upto 1 to 2 km area around the fall and people cook and eat there. Such a wide jungle area is not available at other falls of Jharkhand.

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Top 4 waterfalls of Jharkhand- Hundru, Dassam, Hirni and Jonha

When the word ‘Jharkhand’ comes in our mind, we think forest, greenery, hills, valley, rivers etc. Jharkhand is such a state in our country which is very rich in mines and minerals, flora and fauna, but unfortunately, due to whatever reason, tourism has not sprouted here like other Indian states. This is still a tourist deficient region but in no way it ever means that it has not the capability to attract the mass. Jharkhand has almost every package that any traveler needs, it has a lot of possibilities in tourism. Jharkhand has got everything from the mother nature, but lacks only the fundamental and infrastructural development.   Hills and Valleys of Jharkhand- Parasnath, Netarhat, Dalma and Kiriburu. Panchghagh Falls: The safest waterfall near Khunti-Ranchi in Jharkhand  As I have already mentioned that Jharkhand has everything- hills, waterfalls, valley, rivers, but this post will be dedicated to the waterfalls of Jharkhand. This Indian state is fully a plateau landscape. In the ra