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Top 4 waterfalls of Jharkhand- Hundru, Dassam, Hirni and Jonha

When the word ‘Jharkhand’ comes in our mind, we think forest, greenery, hills, valley, rivers etc. Jharkhand is such a state in our country which is very rich in mines and minerals, flora and fauna, but unfortunately, due to whatever reason, tourism has not sprouted here like other Indian states. This is still a tourist deficient region but in no way it ever means that it has not the capability to attract the mass. Jharkhand has almost every package that any traveler needs, it has a lot of possibilities in tourism. Jharkhand has got everything from the mother nature, but lacks only the fundamental and infrastructural development.  

Hills and Valleys of Jharkhand- Parasnath, Netarhat, Dalma and Kiriburu.

Panchghagh Falls: The safest waterfall near Khunti-Ranchi in Jharkhand

 As I have already mentioned that Jharkhand has everything- hills, waterfalls, valley, rivers, but this post will be dedicated to the waterfalls of Jharkhand. This Indian state is fully a plateau landscape. In the rainy season, the rivers are flooded whereas in the summer, they are mostly dry. When any river falls from a high cliff or hill, or from a high level to lower level, a waterfall is created. There are plenty of such waterfalls in Jharkhand, but few are very famous.  I am writing about top four of them.

Hundru Waterfall

This fall is located very near to the capital city Ranchi. Once upon a time in undivided Bihar, Ranchi used to be the summer capital of Bihar beacuse it was like a hill station that time. This fall is in the course of the Suvarnarekha river and about 98 meters high

How to reach: The fall is around 45km away from the main city, but you will have to hire your own vehicle because no public transport is available to exactly reach the waterfall. 

Stay options: If you are from other state, you can stay over night in the Ranchi city and take a day trip from there. Local people don’t intend to stay as they go back their homes same day.

Why should you go: In the peak rainy season, the Hundru fall looks amazing. You will find a lot of tourists here. Some people try to go to the top of the fall which is very risky, many have lost their lives. On the other hand, in the winters, it turns into a major picnic spot. The bottom of the fall is converted into a small pool which is used as a bathing zone by the tourists. The only big con of this fall is that you will have to go about 500-600 steps downstairs to see the fall, but at small distances you can find the locales selling lemon water, snacks, eatables etc. If you have fitness problem, you may feel some difficulty while coming back from the bottom level of the fall and climbing 500-600 steps upstairs.

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Facilities/Amenities available: Some small restaurants are available for a lunch, toilets and parking space is also available.

Dassam Falls 

This is the second most popular waterfall of Jharkhand after the Hundru fall. It is located in the course of the Kanchi river and about 44 meters high.

How to reach: This fall is 10km away from the main National Highway-33 which connects the two major cities of the state- Ranchi and Jamshedpur (Tatanagar). But the total distance from the Dassam fall to the main city Ranchi is about 30km. You can hire a direct vehicle to the waterfall or can also take an auto rickshaw after getting down at the highway. The another nearest small city is Bundu, from this fall which is 25km away, you can also hire an auto rickshaw from there.

Stay options: If you are from other state, you can stay over night in the Ranchi city and take a day trip from there. Local people don’t intend to stay as they go back their homes same day.Why should you go: Like Hundru, this fall is also amazing, the road passing through the dense forest from the highway to the fall is much more amazing! but it is not so high like Hundru. But this fall seems far more adventurous than Hundru as a lot of people try to go at the top and loose their lives. So it is not at all advisable to go there. You should move only at the safe path round the waterfall. The beauty of the Dassam fall will make you speechless then! You will feel like you are in the Himalayas! But here also, you will have to go a few hundred steps downstairs.

Facilities/Amenities available: Toilets and parking space are available, but fooding options are rare. 

Hirni Falls

It is the third most popular waterfall in the Indian state Jharkhand. Its height is only 37m, but the good thing is that unlike Hundru and Dassam, you do not need to climb any stairs here. The fall is visible from the ground level.

How to reach:  The Hirni fall’s location is a little bit difficult one, as the whole area is surrounded by the dense Saranda forest and is much far from any big city. The fall is about 70km from Ranchi, 45km from Chakradharpur and 65km from Chaibasa. If you are travelling on Ranchi-Chaibasa National Highway-75, then the Hirni fall is just in the midway, just 1km from the highway. Either you can try this option or go by your own or hired vehicle.

Stay options: If you are from other state, you can stay either in Ranchi, Chaibasa or Chakradharpur, and take a day trip from there. Local people don’t intend to stay as they go back their homes same day.

Why should you go: One major con is that you don’t need to climb stairs here. The spot mainly serves as a picnic spot in winters. The views are spectacular from some height, some view points are also made by the tourism department of Jharkhand. In the rainly season, the water flow increases just like other waterfalls of Jharkhand.

Facilities/Amenities available: Toilets and parking space are available, but fooding options are rare.  

Jonha Falls

Jonha falls is smaller than the above three ones, but it is also a beautiful waterfall. It is located about 45km away from the Ranchi city, but is only at a distance of 30km from the Hundru falls as both are near the same Ranchi-Purulia highway. Jonha is also known as Gautam Dhara as once Gautam Buddha spent some time here.

How to reach: You can reach here by own vehicle or by any Ranchi-Purulia bus. After getting down from the bus, you will have to hire an auto rickshaw as the fall is located 5km away from the main road, but finding an auto may be difficult there, better you hire a full vehicle. 

Stay options: If you are from other state, you can stay over night in the Ranchi city and take a day trip from there. Local people don’t intend to stay as they go back their homes same day.  Why should you go: You can experience the full natural beauty of Jharkhand here. This is also a famous picnic spot in winters, but furious in the rainy time. Here also, you will have to climb upto 300-400 stairs.

Facilities/Amenities available: Toilets and parking space are available, but fooding options are small and a few.

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