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Top 5 reasons to visit north Andman- the less explored

Anndan is a place with magnificent sea beaches, diverse flora and fauna and marine life, but mostly people visit the south Andman only- i.e., Port Blair, Neil, Havelock etc. It doesn’t mean that the Andman tourism is limited to just south Andman only. There are many other beautiful islands in north Andman which are still very less explored. But due to various reasons, people are either not interested or unaware of this area.

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Reasons to visit North Andman

1. As beautiful as south Andman

Don’t think that if you visit north Andman, it will not recover your time, money and energy. On the contrary, you will find that this area of Andman is even more appealing for real travelers. Some islands like Ross and Smith seem more beautiful than the world famous Havelock island. The highest peak of Andman- Saddle Peak also lies in North Andman which is a popular trekking route. In Diglipur which is the main city of North Andman, you will see hoardings like “Diglipur Nahi Dekha Toh Kya Dekha”.

2. Less crowded than south Andman

Since mostly people visit only the south Andman like Port Blair, Neil and Havelock, this part of south Andman is always highly crowded in peak seasons in December and January. On the contrary, the north Andman remains untouched, few people visit it, so it is never crowded like Port Blair or Havelock.

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Top 5 reasons to visit north Andman- the less explored

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3. Cheaper than south Andman

Yes, it’s true. Everything is cheaper in north Andman area. You will find cheaper hotels, food, accomodations, transport etc. While you can’t find any hotel below Rs 1000 per night in Havelock, you can easily get a hotel as low as Rs 400-500 per night and if you are solo, lodges cost only Rs 250 per night. Even food or meals also cost very low in north Andman. You can go to any small restaurant and get a lunch at Rs 40-50 only, while in Havelock or Neil, even a normal veg meal costs more than Rs 100. Only the capital Port Blair is the place which is cheaper than Havelock and Neil.

4. No advance online booking needed in north Andman

Due to heavy rush in peak season, advance booking of hotels is always recommended in islands like Havelock and Neil. But that’s not the scenario in north Andman, even in Diglipur. You never need any online booking as there is no such rush. Some hotel rooms remain always vacant which you can easily get. One more fact is that most hotels of north Andman are not available on internet, so they can only be booked at the spot. Moreover, the ferry tickets between inter islands like Port Blair to Havelock or Neil also need to be pre-booked, because in peak time, there is a severe crisis of ferry tickets. Also, you can’t depend upon the govt ferries. On the other hand, there is no requirement like advance booking of ferries or boats in north Andman. Suppose you want to visit Ross and Smith island, just go the Areal Bay Jetty in Diglipur, and catch a boat. No hassles!

5. An opportunity to see the Jarava Tribes and travel on the great Andman Trunk Road

If you go to north Andman by road, you need to travel on the great Andman Trunk Road (ATR), which passes through the Jarava Forest Reserve. As you might know that the Jarava tribes are a rare species of human being, they are protected by the Indian govt too. So it becomes a great fortune to get a glimpse of them, although you are not permitted to go and meet them anyway, you will have to see them while being inside the bus or any other four wheeler. The Andman Truck Road is the only highway in Andman islands, it passes through the sea water in two points, so it is also a fun to travel on this road. If you don’t choose this 325km long road journey from Port Blair to Diglipur, you can also take a ferry, but the journey duration is almost same, i.e., 10-12 hours.

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