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Visas which are now easier to apply and get for Indians

Recently a lot of countries have eased the visa application and procurement easier than ever before. When these countries used to ask applicants to physically go to their embassies and get their visa processed, it was a like a nightmare. Due to visa hassles, tourists have been tremendously discouraged to travel that countries. Even now the US, UK and Schengen tourist visas are not quite easier to get. Here I am listing a bunch of countries who have recently made their visa procurement process easier than before. Indians contribute a lot of share in their tourism income, so they have taken this action now.

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1. Free Thailand Visa on Arrival

Thailand has been the largest tourist hub not only in south east Asia, but also in the world. But among them, Indians and Chinese tourists contribute the most in their tourism business. Recently due to a mishap which was a boat accident, has caused a drop in the arrival of tourists specially from China. So, Thailand has decided to offer free visa on arrival for the citizens of 21 countries including India. But the free visa is only available for the period during next December 2018 and January 2019.

2. Apply Australia visa online now

Earlier, people used to hover around the Australian embassies to get their visa but biggest news is that now Australia has launched online visa application facility for Indians too. This will help us to conveniently apply Australian visa, no hassles now.

You can apply Australia evisa here

3. Myanmar Visa norms now relaxed

Now you can enter into Myanmar through Manipur (Moreh) and Tamu (Myanmar) land border with evisa only. Earlier, people were only allowed to enter Myanmar through air route and  only at the three major airports of Yangoon, Mandalay and Na-Pi-Taw (capital). Further, there was a compulsory $40 tour guide fees for Indians which has been scraped now.

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You can apply Myanmar evisa here

4. UAE visa norms relaxed

Now every year UAE will allow visa free entry to your kids between July 15 and September 15 every year. Also, UAE is granting 10 year long term visa to highly skilled professionals and investors too. UAE visa can be applied online through any travel portal.

5. Japan visa norms relaxed

Earlier, Japan visa was also very difficult for Indians, but now it has been relaxed. Now Indians don’t need any employment letter or explanation of the reason of your visit.

6. Israel visa fee now reduced

Israel has now cut down its visa fee for Indian passport holders from Rs 1,700 to Rs 1,100.

7. Uzbekistan offering e-visa

Now you can get e-visa for travelling to Uzbekistan for 30 days travel.

Apply Uzbekistan e-visa here

8. Zimbabwe offering visa on arrival

Now, Zimbabwe is offering visa on arrival for Indians.

9. Women’s entry in Saudi Arabia

To increase tourism in the country, Saudi Arabia is now issuing tourist visas to women aged 25 and above even if they are visiting the country without being accompanied by a man.

10. Conditional visa on Arrival in Oman

If you are travelling to Oman, you can now get a 30 days long tourist visa on arrival in the country for an amount of 20 Omani Riyal (Rs 3,700). But this rule is applicable only if you reside or hold a valid visa to the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan or Schengen states. Your spouse and children accompanying you can also get a visa on arrival.

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