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Why Should You Be A Traveller

Travelling that usually people consider as mere a hobby, in fact it is more than that. There are usually two types of travellers- one type is ordinary tourist who takes leave from his job for a trip once or twice in a year, and there is another type of traveller who wanders without much planning or booking. They can travel without any rules or programs anytime and without any hassle. These people often travel only in low and limited resources, while tourists are equipped with recreational facilities.

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What is the difference between a tourist and a real traveller?

This is a very big topic which can be written long enough. What is the need to travel or wander? If you have abundant money then enjoying all the comforts of life at your home is very simple. Then what is the need to take the trouble and go out of the home? Take the risk of travel? Bus, train or airplane- there is risk everywhere! Today is the period of accidents, why not stay in the house and be “safe”? Why am I forced to write this post today?

My 6 Day Thailand Trip Budget- March 2018

Top Websites for Budget and Solo Travelers

ECR and non-ECR Passports: The difference and conversion from ECR to non-ECR

Man has been a very curious creature by nature. He struggled for years to solve the nature or his own mystery. For many centuries, many scientists, historians, etc. have sacrificed their lives in raising the skepticism of human race. Today, the facts that we read in a moment after finding them in the internet, have you ever thought that how long have these information been obtained as a result of the long struggle?

You see the great men of the world, how their life was. Would they have been so great or their intellectual level would have been so high by staying at a single place? People like Buddha, Socrates etc. or big scientists like Newton, Einstein, Darwin, all have taken the help of the travel to get their own goals. Until they were not satisfied with their goal, they kept wandering everywhere. Seeking new things and scraping the layer by layer mysteries, they are now called a great philosopher or a scientist.

The summary is that it is not enough to read these books. Knowledge seen with your eyes is the best knowledge. Assuming you read somewhere about the snowy mountain. But till than you don’t see such a place in reality, you can not experience it, it will become a mere bookish knowledge.
In this way we see that travelling is a very important weapon to assimilate the world well.

Some other advantages of travellers are:

(1) In travel, you see new things with your own eyes so that you increase confidence in your knowledge. The ability to understand is more developed.

(2) The problems that arise during the journey, help to increase your tolerance. The temptation to go out of your comfortable zone is.

(3) Know the methods of planning. Exercise is used on the control of expenditure and available resources.

(4) New cultures are also seen along with new people. Social scope grows.

(5) The proverb turns into the fact that in this infinite world, how many small places we take! This great thing has even been said by a great man!

(6) Real feeling of independence is. It helps in the development of personality.

(7) New opportunities get new places to experience and try new things.

(8) There is physical exhaustion from travel, but also the extra energy of the body is consumed, which also keeps health healthy.

Friends! Apart from these, there are many benefits of travelling, there are many things, which I would like to know from you through the comments!

Hopefully you have liked this post and felt something different.

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