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A Brief Guide to Puri, Konark, Bhubaneshwar and Chilika Lake

In 2011, I met with the western part of India, i.e., Mumbai and Goa. So, in January 2012, I decided to explore the eastern side. So, Puri was the most eligible place. Puri is just 8 hrs train journey away from my city Jamshedpur (Tatanagar). Puri has a lot to be explored. Within the city, the golden beaches are the worth visit. But, apart from beaches, Puri is a famous pilgrimage center, one of the Char Dhaam . The Jagannath Temple is the center of attraction, however, there are a lot of other temples. My 10 Days Itinerary for Andman Trip How to Plan Andman Nicobar Trip Bodh Gaya: The top reason to visit Bihar The golden triangle Puri-Konark-Bhubaneshwar needs a whole day to complete. You can either catch a regular tourist bus or hire a full day taxi . The full circuit is about 150 km long including Konark, Dhouli Giri, Udaygiri & Khandgiri, Lingaraj Temple and finally the Nandan-Kanan park. The Chilika Lake is another attraction but 55 km far from the city. It’s the largest bra

When a missed train led us to our first flight- The Goa Trip

2011 was a wonderful year. I planned a Goa trip with one of my best friend. We reached the Tatanagar Railway Station, from where we had to board a train (Howrah Mumbai Mail) to Mumbai, then we had to travel from Mumbai to Goa by bus. We both were very happy that day- 21st February 2011. But after a few stoppages, suddenly we were shocked. Infact, in a hurry, we boarded the wrong train. Actually it was Mumbai-Howrah Mail, returning (down train) from Mumbai to Howrah. We both didn’t notice that it was not the ‘up train’. We were at Kharagpur Junction. 5 Must Know Secrets if you are going to book Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa Why Should You Be A Traveller Top 5 Flight Booking Sites in India for Domestic & International flights We got down from the train but fall into the trap of the TTE. He asked us to show our tickets, but we had not the right ticket for that train. However, he did not paid any sympathy to us. He treated us as without ticket and fined Rs 350. Case was over. Now

2009- First Himalayan Experience- The Uttarkashi Trek

In June 2009, I participated in a Himalayan trek in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. We had a team of about 32 colleagues, sponsored by our company, but organized by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) . We reached from Jamshedpur (Tatanagar) to Haridwar in Kalinga Utkal Express, stayed a night there. Next day, it was 10hrs journey (180km) in the mountains of Garhwal Himalayas. The base camp was located in Uttarkashi beside the river Asiganga. 5 Must have things to carry when trekking Why Travel is an Essential Part of My Life Tips For Traveling Alone-Beginner’s Guide [instagram-feed] Here is a brief summary of the activities during the 10 days program: 1st Day: Arriving at the base camp 4000 ft above the sea level near the river Asi Ganga. All of the participants erected their tents and beds. The use of temporary toilets, bringing water from the river and how to find and use other daily needs were instructed. The essential trekking items like a rucksack bag, a tiffin box, winter jackets

Why Travel is an Essential Part of My Life

Traveling has too many perspectives. People travel because of a number of reasons floating in their minds. Everyone has his or her own priority levels regarding travel. Some people think travel as only a medium of recreation, while some people travel as a hobby. On the other hand, a vast majority of man and women travel as ‘family holiday or vacation’ and this is the most popular format of travel, mainly in India. Tips For Traveling Alone-Beginner’s Guide 5 Must have things to carry when trekking Travel Round The World With Couchsurfing! People who work in 9 to 5 schedule, slowly fall into boredom, feel lethargic and desire to break this routine. Vacations or holidays turn out to be a great way to destroy this monotonous life. Even a two day weekend trip serves enough amount of juice to their life. If you ask me ‘Why do you travel so much?’, then I can’t answer it in a single sentence. However, it will compel me to utter a popular saying of St. Augustine: “The world is a book and thos

Tips For Traveling Alone- Beginner's Guide

While there are those who love to go out exploring other lands in the company of only a backpack, many people do not even consider embarking on a new destination without the company of their peers, family or friends. But traveling alone is incredible – addictive, even.  After all, there is no shortage of advantages. Starting with freedom: You do not need to reconcile your budget, destination or travel time with others. Not to mention the greater possibility of interaction with local residents, which can yield super rich experiences and new friendships.  Want to organize a solo trip and do not know where to start? I have assembled a practical guide with the main tips for traveling solo (or alone), either in your own country or to abroad. Come on! To know you can visit Tips For Traveling Alone   1. How to choose the destination   Many people ask what the best destination for a solo trip is. It has a lot of lists of the type on the internet, but I believe the answer is quite