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Why Travel is an Essential Part of My Life

Traveling has too many perspectives. People travel because of a number of reasons floating in their minds. Everyone has his or her own priority levels regarding travel. Some people think travel as only a medium of recreation, while some people travel as a hobby. On the other hand, a vast majority of man and women travel as ‘family holiday or vacation’ and this is the most popular format of travel, mainly in India.

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People who work in 9 to 5 schedule, slowly fall into boredom, feel lethargic and desire to break this routine. Vacations or holidays turn out to be a great way to destroy this monotonous life. Even a two day weekend trip serves enough amount of juice to their life.

If you ask me ‘Why do you travel so much?’, then I can’t answer it in a single sentence. However, it will compel me to utter a popular saying of St. Augustine: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” As I have already told you that travel has many perspectives, here are some of the vital reasons why travel cris essential part of my life and should be of everyone’s too.

Travel is a great education.

Yes, travel is a kind of education in addition to formal school, college or university education. Travel gives you many valuable inputs that formal education can’t. I am not belittling the significance of formal education, but if you don’t travel you miss a lot of things in this wonderful world.

Travel introduces you with various aspects of life across the globe.

Travel makes you meet with different kinds of people, their culture, food, colors and experience various climatic conditions. You can only read them in books in formal studies, but realize them through your organs yourself in travel.

Travel teaches you how we have developed so far.

Travel can only introduce us with the enormous amount of versatility of world history and geography. When I was in school, history was a boring subject, but now as a traveler, it is the most interesting thing I am experiencing. How the human society has developed, you read in history books, but in travel, you can realize history.

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Travel make you meet with natural wonders.

The place you reside may be a landlocked area. But the world has a lot of natural wonders- it has oceans, mountains, deserts, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, jungles and a lot of flora and fauna. If you don’t travel, you really miss a lot, really!

Travel makes you surpass your comfort zone.

Believe me, travel is an experiment which can test your limits. It poses you some challenges, some thrills. Yes, travel is not only simple holidays, it is beyond. Travel can transform you into another kind of person. The challenges you face in travel, makes you a veteran in many other aspects of daily life problems.

Travel tests your physical endurance.

Suppose you take a long bike ride on the mountains. When you ride normally in the streets of your hometown, things are very simple, you are very easygoing. But as soon as you leave them, you begin to face some challenges. How much difficult it is to ride a few hundred kilometers a day than we do a few kilometers a day in our home city! What will you do in case of a sudden breakdown of your vehicle in a loneliness? What’s the difference between riding on planes and riding on the hills? These are what you will never experience at home.

Travel makes you face the climatic challenges.

Travel also gives you an exposure to different climatic conditions across the globe. We mostly live on planes, we can’t imagine how is the life in remote areas of Ladakh or Andman Nicobar Islands. Even when we visit Ladakh in summers, we catch cold. What would have been the situation there in winters? Can you imagine how is the life in Ladakh when they are mostly disconnected from rest of the world in winters? Simply, unless you travel, you can only read about them in books, but can’t really realize them.

Travel makes you realize- breakfast, lunch and dinner is not the ultimate diet system of humans.

Furthermore, travel also makes you face some challenges related to your diets. Sometimes you are forced to break your regular eating habits. You may not always find timely breakfast, lunch or dinner as you do at your home. While being on an excursion or expedition, it becomes hard to maintain any diet schedule.

Travel make you test a number of flavors.

Different people survive upon different food habits. It is not always possible to find your favorite food in other locations. Very often, it is even possible that you are vegan and you have very less no of options left. I understand, it is not always easy to adopt unfamiliar cuisines, but at least you can taste and feel to find out the cultural differences.

Travel may be your alternative way of life.

People choose a traditional life, they get married, have kids, buy homes, purchase cars and die one day! If you choose travel as your main goal, you will find that it can also be your another choice to do in life. Materialistic things will only entertain your physical organs but travel will entertain your soul. There are many examples from the history who traveled their lifetime.

I am not telling you to escape from marriage, but remember that marriage is not the only and best way to spend the life. Some people even say that marriage is for those who have nothing to do better than it. It’s only a matter of choice, not at all mandatory.

Conclusion: Travel makes you a wiser, smarter and a broad minded person.

Overall travel opens a wide variety of choices to your life. You can ignore the unwanted things and replace them with travel. It will open up your mind and abolish the narrowness. Even if you can’t become a full time traveler, nor I am advising you, but periodic travel will keep all your mental and physical health in sound condition.

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