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Top 10 most beautiful destinations in the American Southwest

WhiteSands National Monument Have you ever seen a widewhite desert? White Sands National Monumentwith its great dunes of gypsum isone of the world’s great natural wonders. Itis located in the Northern Chihuahua Desert in the U.S. state of New Mexico. The monument is open for visitors to enjoy a variety of activities: guided walking tours, camping, horse riding, biking, sledging and much more. It is a hidden gem that one SHOULD not miss. Looking for more activities in this monument? Check this article out HavasupaiFalls Havasu Falls is a clear bluewaterfall located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United State on the Havasupaitribal lands. It is so blue that one can’t believe it is in the middle of a drydesert. The Indian reservation land is only accessible if one has a permit. Itis very difficult to obtain one as this is becoming a dream destination forpeople from all over the world. The Falls are in the bottom o

Top 10 Things To Do In Shimla

Shimla is just not a place but heaven! Queen of hills is known for its mountainous beauty, high lofty peaks, icy perks and a lot more. Shimla is most common places for tourist to visit. Here markets add a cherry to the cake. One can shop from traditional attires to oxidized jewelry. It’s lush greenery, pleasant climate and snow-clad hills attract most of the tourists.  Just imagineyourself with a cup of coffee and eating Maggie with your friends while sittingon the terrace of your hotel, assuming clouds on your hands. But before you gowith the best things in Shimla, let us know the best time to visit Shimla. The best time to visit Shimla is between December to February.There are many touristplaces in shimla to visit with your loved ones and friends. Theweather remains please between this time. One can go for ice skiing too. Youshould avoid visiting Shimla between July -October as there are more chances oflandslides. Now let us come with the 10 best things to do in shimla. 1. Taketoy t

5 Must have things to carry when trekking

Trekking – a strenuous format of travel which is especially done on foot. It requires a lot of physical effort and stamina depending upon the level of difficulty of the trek, so a trek may be easy or difficult. However, it is often assumed that trekking means only climbing the mountains or trekking resembles only mountaineering. But it’s not always the case. There are a lot of examples where trekking is done on the planes or deserts too. Problems involved in trekking As we start packing for any journey, but trekking needs somewhat more attention. Trekking can be exhausting and dehydrating. It can put you in some trouble too. In come cases, you may face nature’s obstacles like rain, harsh weather, landslide etc. Sometimes you may need to halt for a few hours or even overnight at an unexpected place. Imagine you got even a small injury, feeling quite uneasy, how will you sustain it? Suppose you are feeling hungry in a wilderness, what would you do? So, I am going to mention at least 5 mu

Things to do in Sydney (Australia) during Winter

Sydney is one of those places that can be visited at any time of the year. Okay yes, summer does have more on during this period but do not be mistaken, winter has many cool bars and can be excellent hiking weather. Things to know before you go Weather  The average temperature during Winter get down to as low as 8 degrees Celcius (46 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day so ensure you bring your jacket. The mild climate (well compared to some places across the world) is perfect for some of the walking tours that are far too hot during summer. Transport Cabs/Uber/Ola – whatever type of car you choose to travel in, this mode of transport can be expensive. Do not be tricked into peak hour rates because the ride can cost you more than triple during these times. 5 Must have things to carry when trekking Why Travel is an Essential Part of My Life Tips For Traveling Alone-Beginner’s Guide Buses – Ensure you pick up your opal card when you arrive into Sydney, this is because trains and buses wi

Bodh Gaya: The top reason to visit Bihar

Bihar- the erstwhile Magadh Empire and the land of Buddha should be certainly in your bucket list. This northern Indian state has planes developed by the rivers like Ganga, there is hardly any hill or waterfall you will find. But, this state has a rich historical background and a heritage. There are many archaeological sites, ruins like the great Nalanda University and a world heritage site like Bodh Gaya. So, let’s have a brief information for your next Bodh Gaya trip. 6 Things You Must Know Before Going to Thailand on Visa on Arrival Airport Immigration- Eight Common Questions 5 Lessons I have learnt from my last Thailand trip My 6 Day Thailand Trip Budget- March 2018 How to Reach Bodh Gaya By Train: Bodh Gaya is only at a distance of 10 km from the main Gaya city and railway station. Auto rickshaw are always available from the railway station. By Flight: Gaya has an international airport, but has limited connectivity to a few countries like Thailand, Myanmar etc. Domestic connecti

A Brief Guide to Darjeeling and Gangtok (Sikkim)

Well, the Himalayas are so widespread that they cover a distance of about 5000 kilometers from North Western to Eastern India. A number of popular hill stations in India have been developed by the British rulers. Among them, you already have heard the most common ones as Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Nainital, Darjeeling etc. So, in this post, I am going to present a brief guide to Darjeeling and Sikkim. West Bengal is the only unique state in India which has the magic of having both the sea (The Bay of Bengal) and the mountains like Himalayas. The sea acts like the foot while the Himalayas act like the head of the state. A Brief Guide to Puri, Konark & Bhubaneshwar and Chilika Lake Rajasthan Trip Guide for 7 Days- Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur One day itinerary for Shillong City Tour in Meghalaya Darjeeling is the most popular hill station in the eastern Himalayan region in India, having an altitude of about 6,500 feet above the sea level. The neighboring hilly state Sikkim’s capital