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5 Must have things to carry when trekking

Trekking– a strenuous format of travel which is especially done on foot. It requires a lot of physical effort and stamina depending upon the level of difficulty of the trek, so a trek may be easy or difficult. However, it is often assumed that trekking means only climbing the mountains or trekking resembles only mountaineering. But it’s not always the case. There are a lot of examples where trekking is done on the planes or deserts too.

Problems involved in trekking

As we start packing for any journey, but trekking needs somewhat more attention. Trekking can be exhausting and dehydrating. It can put you in some trouble too. In come cases, you may face nature’s obstacles like rain, harsh weather, landslide etc. Sometimes you may need to halt for a few hours or even overnight at an unexpected place. Imagine you got even a small injury, feeling quite uneasy, how will you sustain it? Suppose you are feeling hungry in a wilderness, what would you do?

So, I am going to mention at least 5 must have things to carry when trekking which will prove to be a great savior.

1. A Backpack Bag

Most probably you know what a backpack is. A backpack is a special bag designed specially for such kind of travel. You can’t complete a trek with trolley bags! These bags are designed such that you can carry them easily and comfortably on your back. There are a lot of pockets in the bag to keep different kinds of belongings at separate pockets. Backpacks are also available according to their different sizes.

The larger backpack is known as rucksack. Rucksacks are required in long overnight treks when you need to carry heavy things like tent, sleeping bag, mattress etc. However, both the terms- backpack and rucksack are used interchangeably. In this way, a backpack is the first thing among 5 Must have things to carry when trekking.

2. Water Bottle

You already know the importance of water if our life- whether we are at home or in journey. During a normal journey, we can purchase mineral water bottles anywhere. But when you are trekking on mountains or in a jungle, how will you fulfill your need of water? In rigorous trekking, whether it is summer or winter, anybody feels thirsty frequently or easily gets dehydrated. Even natural water sources like rivers or waterfalls are neither everywhere available nor drinkable.

Dehydration is more dangerous than hunger. That’s why you should always carry a water bottle in your backpack. You will be in need of water every hour but water source may not be available anytime. For emergency purpose, fill your bottle wherever you find a drinking water source, consume it slowly till you find another water source during your trek. You can also carry more than one bottle according to your weight carrying capacity.

3. Eatables

After combating the risk of thirst and dehydration, satisfying the hunger is the next basic in any trek. In any trek, you are continuously working hard and losing your energy. Carrying some home made eatables, dry fruits, biscuits. chocolates etc may be a great savior in your emergency time.

Chocolates are easy source of energy and can satisfy your hunger quickly. They can be also easily carried. You can even buy or send chocolates to India from USA.

4. Trekking Shoes

In any trek, you need a comfortable pair of trekking shoes, without which your feet may get injured. There are a wide variety of trekking shoes available in the market. Depending upon the level of difficulty of the trek, you can choose the shoes. For example, for trekking on snow on the Himalayas, shoes with spikes are recommended. Sometimes long boot shoes are also required. On the other hand, for simple treks, even ordinary sports shoes serve the purpose well.

5. Personal Medicine & First Aid Kit

Last, but not the least, a first aid kit with some of your personal medicines is highly recommended. In a trek, specially in mountains, people get mountain sickness, nausea or vomiting. These are common problems in high altitude trekking. You can consult a doctor or experienced trekkers for such type of abnormalities your body may face during trekking. Additionally if you take any other regular medicine, don’t forget to carry them in the trek too.

Further, quite often it is possible that people get small or medium injury during a trek. Slip, trip or fall may occur anywhere especially on wet, slippery or steep surfaces. Even a small wound or cut may ruin your whole trek effecting your companions too. So, among the 5 Must have things to carry when trekking, I recommend to carry a small first aid kit in your backpack.


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