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Things to do in Sydney (Australia) during Winter

Sydney is one of those places that can be visited at any time of the year. Okay yes, summer does have more on during this period but do not be mistaken, winter has many cool bars and can be excellent hiking weather.

Things to know before you go


The average temperature during Winter get down to as low as 8 degrees Celcius (46 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day so ensure you bring your jacket. The mild climate (well compared to some places across the world) is perfect for some of the walking tours that are far too hot during summer.


Cabs/Uber/Ola – whatever type of car you choose to travel in, this mode of transport can be expensive. Do not be tricked into peak hour rates because the ride can cost you more than triple during these times.

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Buses – Ensure you pick up your opal card when you arrive into Sydney, this is because trains and buses will not allow you to pay cash, so this is the only way to ride Sydney’s transport system. Download the app for the convenience of topping up your opal card when needed.

Trains – This is by far the quickest way to get around Sydney, although the journey in winter is more pleasant be mindful not to be caught up during peak hour when this means standing room only. 

Ferries – I do love the ferry rides in Sydney, but Winter months can be too cold to snap photos outside on the deck. 

Things to do

The Bondi To Coogee Coastal Walk

We have all heard of this walk, haven’t we? So there is no question that It is highly sort after in the summer months. So it doesn’t make it ideal because there are too many people on the trail and it can get boiling. During the winter months, you see only the locals walking and running this strip, and for that alone it becomes more enjoyable. If you can’t get enough, then keep walking to Maroubra where you will find some great little cafes at the end.

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Spit Bridge to Manly

The path along this part of Sydney is less tread but just as beautiful. There are many excellent photo opportunities here, and if you are lucky enough, you may see a whale if you look hard enough. This route will also take you past some of the most beautiful houses in Sydney, so it is not just blue skies and crystal water views. 

Lane Cove National Park

Who would have thought that there would be a National Park in the middle of a bustling city? The best part about this National Park is it is easy to get to, and you can not hear any cars once you have stepped inside. The paths are easy to walk on so it won’t matter your fitness level, it is a walk for every age and stamina.

Ice Skating in Bondi

This pop-up ice skating rink can only be seen for three weeks of the year. The skating rink is usually set up at Bondi Beach Pavilion from late June to mid-July. Who knew Bondi could be so much fun without even stepping foot in the water.

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Whale Watching

Well this is definitely something you cant do during summer, there are a few different tours because they can be seen in a few different areas in Sydney and these are – Cape Solander, Kurnell, Barrenjoey Headland, Palm Beach, Fairfax Lookout, North Head, Manly, Gap Bluff, South Head, Watsons Bay, Bondi Beach and Near Bundeena, Royal National Park.


There are numerous museums around Sydney, some more well known than others. Museums such as the Powerhouse Museum, The Art Gallery NSW and The Australian National Maritime Museum are always on the must-do things in Sydney. Why not try the lesser-known museums such as The Sydney Bus Museum in Leichardt, May Gibbs Nutcote in Neutral Bay or The justice and Police museum in Phillip Street. 

Sydney Vivid Light and Art Show

This excellent light exhibition that is only displayed during May and June lights up the city like nothing else. Everyone has seen how pretty Sydney harbour is at night, but not many have seen it on display quite like this. A must-see on your things to do during winter.

Food and Beverages


The Grounds of Alexandria in Alexandria This fun, eclectic style of a place is an Instagrammers dream, with hip neon lights and real farm animals to visit this place has something for all ages.  I do have to admit the menu is pricey, but if you can look past the cost then the list is extensive, it ranges from a “brekkie burger with polenta chips” to “red velvet shakes” however, my recommendation would go for the “avocado on toast” and “green colada smoothie”.   

Eggs of the Universe in Rozelle

You will see for yourself that the list of healthy options feels endless. Whether you are vegan, or gluten intolerant the choices are plentiful, from “sweet potato and buckwheat pancakes” to “warm winter root salad” the options are unique and enticing. However, my recommendation would be the “avocado tomato” and the “house fermented kombucha”.


Icebergs in Bondi This place is packed during summer with a breathtaking view of the infamous Bondi Beach. However during winter, the lines are short, but the view is still just as gorgeous, so why not? I feel like if you are by the ocean, you probably should try the seafood, so I recommend the pot of mussels with a cheeky Bellini (you are on vacation after all).

The Woolwich Pier hotel in Woolwich

With spectacular views and a newly renovated interior, now is the perfect time to visit The Woolwich Pier Hotel. Australia is known for its great pub food culture, and this pub is a notch above the rest. With its extensive menu that is now open from 11 am I would highly recommend warming your insides with a bowl of the Woolwich Seafood Chowder followed by a glass mulled wine. 


Danjee Korean Restaurant in Sydney

If you like Korean BBQ, then this restaurant is the place to be, central location with great food, fun atmosphere and fantastic service. There are many Korean BBQ restaurants around this area, but this one feels genuinely authentic (yes, I lived in Seoul a few years back). 

Ecco at Drummoyne Yacht Club in Drummoyne

Located along the beautiful harbour front, this Italian restaurant has delicious food and an even better view. Ensure you head there when it is still light so that you get to take in this part of the gorgeous harbour. I would recommend starting with the Funghi and follow it with the  Tagliolini Con Ragu Di Coniglio to tantalise your tastes buds. 

This is a guest post written by Paula Barnes, an Australian travel blogger. Her blog is THE TRAVELLING EXPAT . If you are also interested to write for me, contact me here.

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