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Top 10 most beautiful destinations in the American Southwest

WhiteSands National Monument

Have you ever seen a widewhite desert?

White Sands National Monumentwith its great dunes of gypsum isone of the world’s great natural wonders. Itis located in the Northern Chihuahua Desert in the U.S. state of New Mexico.

The monument is open for visitors to enjoy a variety of activities: guided walking tours, camping, horse riding, biking, sledging and much more. It is a hidden gem that one SHOULD not miss. Looking for more activities in this monument? Check this article out


Havasu Falls is a clear bluewaterfall located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United State on the Havasupaitribal lands. It is so blue that one can’t believe it is in the middle of a drydesert. The Indian reservation land is only accessible if one has a permit. Itis very difficult to obtain one as this is becoming a dream destination forpeople from all over the world.

The Falls are in the bottom ofthe canyon and there are different ways to get there: A long backpacking trips,by mules or a helicopter rides.


Bryce Canyon National Park isa reserve in southern Utah. It is known for its breath taking red hoodoos(spire-shapedrock formations). The canyon offers one of the most beautiful overlooks in Utahto enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. Visiting Bryce canyon in winter is aunique experience to enjoy the snow-covered rocks.

ZionNational Park

Zion National Park is the mostvisited park in Utah. It is known for its steep red cliffs and a very scenicdrive that leads to forest trails along the Virgin River. It is home to some ofthe best hikes in the world such as Angels landing and the Narrows.

For a list of trails an hikes you don’t want to miss while in Zion National Park, make sure to check this article


Monument Valley is a famousfilming location for American Western movies. It is famous for its red-sand buttes.Monument valley is on the Navajo Tribal Park and is a must see destination inthe Southwest.

As it is located in theboarder of Utah and Arizona, Monument Valley is close to a lot of famouslandmarks such as the petrified forest and Escalante National Monument.


If you haven’t seen it before,Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon on the Navajo land east of a town called Page,Arizona. There are two sections of the canyons that visitors can explore: LowerAntelope Canyon or Upper Antelope Canyon. Only 15 minutes away is the famousHorse shoe bend natural landmark. So make sure you don’t miss it either.

Grand Canyon National Park

There is obviously a reasonwhy Arizona is called the state of the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder of theworld is one of the most visited National Parks in the United States and isABSOLUTELY worth a visit. More than 5 million people visit this natural gemevery year. The canyon is very rich in geology, history and activities thatrange from hiking, backpacking, rafting, taking helicopter tours or just sightseeing.

Planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon? This itinerary is for you

ArchesNational Park

Norht of Moab in the state ofUtah is Arches National Park. The park is known for its 2,000 natural sandstoneunique arches. The park offers a lot of activities such as canyoneering, hikingand horse riding. There is something for everyone. Prepare your camera for someof the most beautiful shots in Utah.

CarlsbadCaverns National Park

Back to New Mexico. An exotichidden cave called Carlsbad Caverns is a famous stop in the Southwest for thosewho are more into high ancient sea ledges and deep rocky canyons…real deep.

 The park offers guided tours inside thecaverns and has a lot of accessibility options for visitors.


Only 2 hours drive from metroPhoenix, Sedona is one of the most beautiful cities in Arizona. It’s famous forits red rocks, pink jeep tours, art, spiritual healing and a lot of hikingtrails.

Looking for a hike in Sedona? This guide is for you

This is our selection for the best destinations in the South West, which one is your favorite?

This is a guest post written by Habiba. She is a full time technical project manager and a part time traveler/hiker/backpacker. Her goal is to inspire you to live an adventurous life, while maintaining a 9-5 work schedule. If you are also interested to write for me, contact me here.

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