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Clear All Doubts About Thailand Visa on Arrival/E-visa

There have been a lot of questions about Thailand Visa on Arrival. Recently Thailand has also introduced e-visa on arrival for Indians. So, there are a lot of doubts and confusion among the travelers which visa is better, required documents for visa etc. My 6 Day Thailand Trip Budget- March 2018 Top Websites for Budget and Solo Travelers ECR and non-ECR Passports: The difference and conversion from ECR to non-ECR Lets have a quick look on Thailand Visa FAQs. 1. What is the difference between Thailand Visa, Visa on Arrival and e-visa on arrival? Answer: Pre visa is what you apply and get at any Royal Embassy of Thailand located at almost all major cities in India. Normal visa on arrival is a traditional kind of on arrival visa which you get upon arrival at any of international airports of Thailand. You have to submit the required documents and visa fees only at the visa on arrival counters. While in e-visa, you have to apply and pay the fees online and print the e-visa application rece

Causes of Visa Rejection- You must know

In today’s post, I will tell you why someone’s Visa is rejected- the main causes of visa rejection. There can be many reasons for this, some reasons are quite common and applicable for Visa Application of any country. Normally we Indians do not have any problem in getting Visa in Asia, but when we apply Visa for developed western countries like USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc. then the chances of Visa rejection will increase up to a great extent. Let me discuss at least ten such reasons in this post. Airport Immigration- Eight Common Questions 6 Things You Must Know Before Going to Thailand on Visa on Arrival 5 Lessons I have learnt from my last Thailand trip Main Causes of Visa Rejection 1 . Incomplete Documents That is, if your documents are incomplete, then your Visa can be easily rejected. What I mean is that in Visa Application of any country, your Bank Statement, Passport with minimum 6 months validity, Income Tax Return, Flight Tickets, Hotel Booking, etc. are very basic documen

Is sex tourism legal in Thailand?

Thailand Tourism at a glance: Friends, as you well know that Thailand tourism is very popular all over the world, mainly because of its sex tourism or sex trade. There are many things to visit in Thailand – such as beautiful sea beaches, temples, old monuments or historical monuments etc. But still it is believed that the main thing people go there for is sex tourism, everything else is secondary or not as important. 6 Things You Must Know Before Going to Thailand on Visa on Arrival 5 Lessons I have learnt from my last Thailand trip My 6 Day Thailand Trip Budget- March 2018 Why do people visit Thailand? Indians today visit Thailand most of the time, the reason for which is very obvious such as proximity to India, cheap flights, low cost travel etc. But is the sex tourism the main reason for going to Thailand? I think this is only true up to some extent. Nowadays even people with whole family have started going to Thailand, so I do not think it logical to think so. But it is definite th

A Travel Guide To Auli For 4 Days

This guide will respond to every one of your inquiries regarding this spot, from Auli’s climate, how to reach from Delhi, best to visit it and settlement. One fascinating thing about Auli is that hereyou will get best of both the words – snow peaked high mountains andfurthermore apple plantations and pine trees. During winters you can appreciatesnow all around the spot and during summers you can get lost in the midst ofthe pleasant mountains. Auli is acclaimed as a skiing spot of India, which is associated with two cable car running – one from Joshimath and another in Auli itself. In here, you will almost certainly observe the snow-peaked magnificence of Garhwal Himalayas, alongside Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet. My go to locations for stay was always youth hostels . Because they were a comfortable, cheap and thebest thing was I always meet some of the co-travelers and they share theiramazing stories which feel awesome. 5 Interesting Things to Know About Auli There are a few