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Goa Vs Thailand- Which is better?

For we Indians, Goa is a domestic destination while Thailand is an international holiday destination. Both have many similarities as well as dissimilarities. Both are beach destinations too, but what if we have to choose between the two? From an Indian’s perspective, I am going to compare both the destinations i.e., Goa vs Thailand.

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Similarities between Goa and Thailand

1. Great Beach Destinations.

Whether it’s Goa or Thailand, there is no ambiguity that both of them are great beach destinations. Goa lies on the bank of the great Arabian Sea while Thailand lies on the bank of Bay of Bengal, the Andman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Both have splendid beaches, magnificent waters and a lot of fun activities.

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2. Similar Climates

Both the places have similar tropical climates. The best time to visit both of them is during winters. The summers are too hot and remain unpleasant in both the places.

3. A lot of Water Sports

Both Goa and Thailand offers you a lot of water sports like Scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, para sailing, jet ski riding, go carting etc. There is hardly any water sports which is not available in both the places.

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4. Nightlife- A Fun Paradise

Both the destinations have their own flavor of nightlife. While Goa offers nightlife markets, discos, bars, new year or Christmas party etc., Thailand also offers discos, bars, markets, walking streets etc. However, Thailand’s nightlife is much more famous and infamous which I would discuss later in the post.

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5. A lot of Foreign Tourists

In both Goa and Thailand, you will find a lot of tourists coming from different countries like Russia, UK, USA etc. But in Thailand, you will find Indian tourists the most.

6. Fit for a Budget Traveler

Both the destinations are fit for a luxury as well as a budget traveler. Thailand has a lot of cheap hostels while accommodation options in Goa are also cheaper. In both the places, you will find cheaper means of transport too like scooty or bicycle rentals etc. Particulary for an Indian, a trip to both Goa and Thailand will cost almost the same if we ignore the slightly expensive international flight costs from India to Thailand.

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7. Both have their own set of monuments.

Both Goa and Thailand have their own collection of old monuments. Goa has mainly churches due to its previous Portuguese rule while Thailand has many Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Differences between Goa and Thailand

1. Thailand Beaches are more Colorful

If it is Goa vs Thailand beaches, you would find that the beaches of Thailand are more beautiful and colorful than Goa beaches. Beaches in Thailand have a slight bluish or light greenish appearance while the beaches in Goa are almost of the same deep blue, black or deep grey color. But it is interesting to know that the beaches of Andman Islands in India are more beautiful than Thailand beaches.

2. Water Sports are Costlier in Thailand

Yes, it’s true that the water sports are more expensive in Thailand than Goa. For, example, if the cost of Scuba diving in Goa is around Rs 3000, then the same will cost Rs 7000 in Thailand, which is more than double of Goa. Likewise, entry tickets to every monument in Thailand is more expensive than Goa.

3. Goa is Calm and Quiet

We are comparing a small city Goa with a country Thailand. It’s obvious that Goa is more calm, peaceful and quieter than Thailand. If you are in search of tranquility and peace to your mind, then Goa should be your first choice. The cities of Thailand like Bangkok and Pattaya have very busy streets, only Phuket is quieter.

4. Thailand Nightlife is Notorious too.

While the nightlife in the cities of Thailand are very popular, they are also infamous for sex tourism. Particularly the walking street in Pattaya is popular for sale of sexual services by the local call girls. There are daily sex shows, Ping Pong shows etc. On the other hand, Goa is considered having a clean sheet in this regard, however, such things may be happening in the backdoor.

5. Limited Food Choice for Vegans in Thailand

In Goa, you will find any kind of meals, food and drinks. If you are even a vegan, you will face hardly any problem in finding your choice of food or meal. But, Thailand is mostly dominated by sea foods and non-veg food items like beef, pork, chicken etc. When an Indian tourist goes to Thailand, and if he is a vegan, he has to depend upon bananas, yogurt, bread and expensive Indian restaurants. So, there is always a limited food choice available for vegans in almost all other countries, not only in Thailand.

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