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Money Saving Tips for Cheap Thailand Travel Budget

Thailand is the most visited and the most popular tourist country in the world. Visiting Thailand at least once in a lifetime is almost every traveler’s dream. But for budget travelers like me, it often becomes very difficult to manage a trip under certain financial limitations. Well, in this post, I am going to explain some money saving tips for cheap Thailand travel budget.

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For every travel, if you keep in mind certain things, you can save a lot of money really. People think travel is an expensive hobby, but it is not so true. Travel may be cheaper than your thoughts, even you can make it free in today’s digital world. However, for those who travel for a vacation or holiday only, it may be a costly affair, but for backpackers, flash-packers, explorers, adventurers or solo travelers, travelling may be super cheap!

Last year I had a trip to Thailand, I also made some mistakes in this trip, due to which I spent some extra money at a few places during the trip, but I got definitely a lot of experience from it. Well, I am going to discuss some points related to cheap Thailand travel budget.

Tips for Cheap Thailand Travel Budget

1. Always Book Flights in Advance:

I know that this is not surprising or something new I am telling you. Booking earlier flights is always a wise deal for budget travelers. Last minute rush is never favorable for getting cheaper flights due to dynamic pricing system. So, always try to book as earlier as possible, in most airlines flights can be booked even up to 1 year in advance.

If you are an Indian, you should try to book flights to Bangkok from Kolkata or Chennai. These two Indian cities have the shortest distance from Thailand’s capital. Nowadays, Air Asia has revolutionized the aviation Industry by offering super cheap flights. But, Air Asia operates their flights mostly from smaller airports like Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar or Vizag. You can get direct Air Asia cheap flights to Bangkok from these cities.

2. Currency Exchange: Don’t do at airports!

As getting Thailand visa on arrival requires minimum 10,000 Thai Baht currency, you need to exchange money from a travel agency. But all travel agencies don’t provide good exchange rates. So, I would say, you should try online currency exchange. There are many websites like bookmyforex, doorstepforex etc. who sell currencies online. Their exchange rates are much better than local travel agents. Further, I would add that never exchange currency at airports, their rates are very expensive.

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3. Book Hostels instead of Hotels.

Yes, if you are a budget traveler, you should stay at hostels in Thailand. Hostels are much cheaper option than hotels. You can get a bed in a hostel at as low as Rs 400 per night while a hotel room will cost at least double of this price. Moreover, you can get free breakfast in hostels. Thailand is so popular that there are plenty of options for every kind of tourists. You will also get an opportunity to meet and interact with with many other kind of travelers who will be staying with you.

You can book hostels on popular websites like,, etc.

4. Use Public Transport in Thailand

Public transport is always a wise idea to save money while traveling but it may be somewhat tedious too. Thailand has a lot of public transportation options like buses, metro, trains etc. If you have proper plan and well researched knowledge about travel within Thailand, you will face no problem. In case of emergencies, taxis are always available.

But in case of emergencies, taxis are always available. But here also, conventional taxis prove to be more expensive than the app based taxis. You should try Grab Taxi which is an app based taxi service in Thailand just like Ola or Uber in India.

5. Try Thai Street Food

Thailand has a wide variety of street food options, but unfortunately most of them are suitable for non-vegan people. If you are not a vegan, you will face no problem in surviving with these street foods which are mostly made from chicken, egg, pork or even beef also.

If you are vegan, you can depend upon bananas, yogurt, noodles, bread, fruits etc. But if don’t go to expensive restaurants, specially so called Indian, where everything will be twice or thrice expensive than the local Thai food.

6. Go to 7 Eleven Store for your daily needs

This is a super market chain available at every 100m distance within Thailand. This chain is already popular in Europe, USA and Japan, now in Thailand, but not yet in India.

At a 7 Eleven store, you can purchase your daily need items like water bottle, tourist SIM card, bread, yogurt, snacks or anything else. These items are normally available at cheaper rates than other shops. This is just like Reliance Fresh in India.

7. Don’t buy any local tour packages at airports

Some tourists are in a hurry and buy expensive tour package of local sightseeing like James Bond Island tour, Phi Phi tour or Bangkok Safari World tour. If you buy them at airports, you can be scammed. Try to buy such packages at local markets of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, where you can get them at almost half the price than the airport price.

I hope the tips mentioned above will be much useful for you to plan a cheap Thailand Travel Budget.

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