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Top 5 Self Car Rental Companies in Chennai

You must have heard about Ola and Uber, ever thought of self car rental companies in Chennai? You are here in the city of Chennai. Being one of the earliest metropolitan city, Chennai is the merging point of heritage, food, markets, and industries. As you are here now, you should explore every nook and corner.

Explore! Yes, not by booking a car with a driver or by booking any tour package who always wave hands saying go ahead, go ahead, by setting time to visit each place. Boundaries and limits should fade here, the wide clear road should let you drive to the eternal soul of Chennai, till your soul says ‘I am happy’. Journeys are always good to explore yourselves.

The presence of a third person in an unknown city makes you uncomfortable if you are with your family. In the same way, the presence of a second person makes you feel the same if you are here to explore yourself. Don’t you feel like taking the steering in your hands and driving your own when you are in an unknown city? Then you are in the right place, this site will take you to the best spots, from where you will get ‘self rent a car’ to drive around through the cultural legacy.

List of some self car rental companies in Chennai


IndusGo is one of the best services for rent a car in Chennai, working under the efficient guidance of Indus Motors. When you book a car for rent in Indus, you will get a 24*7 support and assistance in your whole journey. They also have pick up and drop facility. IndusGo will make sure that your plans are carried out in the best manner through their assistance. The cars they provide for rent are fully insured to make sure that you never face any risks. After all, wherever you go to Chennai, the warmth of hospitality embraces you.

IndusGo will help you to get the best experience in Chennai. They have a huge collection of vehicles. As per your choice you could book them for your personal needs, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There is no hassle of security charges. You can rent a car with fuel or without fuel. If it is without fuel then it costs only Rs 70 per hour. To book IndusGo’s services, just visit their website and place your booking. Create your story in Chennai with IndusGo.


Every city has a story to offer you.Sometimes it could be a traffic story. Cities are different. The way itbehaves, the way it conducts itself varies. To explore a city in fullest youshould have the best vehicle with you. Comfort matters most. So if you believein this, just pack your bags to Chennai and book Zoom’s car rental service.Depending upon the nature of your journey, Zoom helps to give you the best carsthat could help to swift smoothly through the bounty of Chennai. In anaffordable rate, Zoom will give you the best cars of your choice. You don’thave to worry about fuel costs, petrol mileage, insurance or car breakdown,Zoom car rental service is there all over the city, you will get theirassistance at any time. So just zoom in with Zoom cars.


Revv is one of the fastest-growingself-rental car services. They have created stories in 19 major cities givingthe best opportunities to their customers. If you are here in Chennai toexplore the cultural legacy of the place, then you should be fully immersed inthe journey. Leave every worry that hinders your freedom and drive through theroads of Chennai with the best cars that Revv offers you. With or without fuel,start and endpoints! Now that’s all your choice. The choice is yours, chooseRevv and reach your dream destination. They also have unlimited KM option. Revvonly charges Rs 69 per hour. If you need a car to fulfil all your needs thenyou are in the right place. Create memories to cherish with Revv.


Did you cross 24! Then you are in the right place.Smilescars always love to see a smile in the face of their customers. They careabout you. Smilescars provide their service only to those who are 24 or above.They have their terms and conditions, which will benefit your journey.Accepting their terms and conditions will make your journey best and secure.They make you return with the same smile with memories to cherish. When youchoose Smilescars, you should pay a security deposit of 5000 for ordinary carsor Rs 10,000 for luxury cars. You will get the car models according to theavailability.


38+ car models and spread across 21 cities, what else doyou want if you are in love with roads. In Mylescars, you can rent a car as peryour choice for a day, week or month, also they have 250+ pickup points.Moreover, Myles cars offer different packages that suit your travel plans. So,if you have miles to go, just choose Myles cars.

Every journey should let you find new paths, you should make your own travel stories. Visit Tamilnadu to explore each and every route by keeping steering in your hand. Self-rent a car is the best option if you are a person who loves freedom. Your independence is their service. To know more about Tamilnadu click here.

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