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Why so many Indians visit Thailand? Top 6 Reasons

Thailand provokes everyone’s curiosity, it’s probably the most visited country in the world. There are a number of factors behind the Indians visiting Thailand only. But why this particular south east Asian country attracts so many tourists while other countries of the same region don’t. Why so many Indians visit Thailand?

Thailand is like a dream, a charm, a fun, a nightlife destination, a beach destination and many more. Thailand fits best whether it’s a fun trip with your friends or an adventure trip or even a honeymoon trip. There are some facts below, I am mentioning, due to which Indians visit Thailand the most. Please read the post till the end as the last reason is going to be very fantastic.

6 Things You Must Know Before Going to Thailand on Visa on Arrival

1. Close Proximity With India

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India is a south Asian country while Thailand is a south east Asian country. Both the countries are almost in the same geographical region, having many geographic and cultural similarities. The minimum distance between Indian and Thailand is hardly 1500 km. This is the biggest reason why so many Indians visit Thailand. An average flight between India and Thailand costs only Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 i.e., $60 to $80 only. Flights cost doesn’t erode their pockets, that’s why Indian tourists prefer to visit Thailand than other international destinations.

2. Visa on arrival facility for Indians

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Thailand offers visa on arrival facility for Indians. This is another big thing the tourists like. Procuring a visa for any international trip is often a big hassle for tourists. Strict visa policies, risks of visa rejection, preparing the required documents etc.- all these factors always discourage the travelers. So, it is always easier to visit a country who offers visa on arrival or an online e-visa.

Further, Thailand has been offering free visa on arrival for last one year (since Nov 2018), this facility is adding another boost to the arrival of Indians (as well as some other country citizens too) in Thailand. Earlier, the visa on arrival fees was 2000 Thai Bahts (around Rs 4400 or $65).

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Thailand has extended their free visa on arrival facility three times till now, and supposed to continue till April 2020.

3. A Budget Friendly International Destination

As already stated, flights between India and Thailand are cheaper than other countries. The cost of flights only contribute a major portion of any international trip. Further, other travelling expenses in Thailand are also cheaper compared to other countries. Hotels and hostels are very cheap there. Plenty of public transport options are also available for all kinds of travelers. Thai street food is as cheaper as Indian street food.

In a nut shell, it is obvious that the traveling cost in Thailand is almost similar to India. However, some special activities like water sports are costlier in Thailand, it is not a mandatory and basic expense for any traveler.

4. A Safe Tourist Destination

Besides the cheap traveling budget, Thailand has been a safe tourist destination till now. There has not been any tourists threats or terrorist evidences till now, However, tourist scams are common in Thailand, but these scams can be easily avoided by following basic precautions. Thailand always welcomes tourists of all religions, caste, community or ethnicity. It’s a destination beyond such things.

5. Exotic Beaches, Islands, Water Sports, Monuments and Animal Kingdom

Thailand has a lot to offer. This country is about 1/6th of the area of India, but has a lot of natural diversity. The beaches of Thailand are very exotic, very mesmerizing. Islands like James Bond or Phi Phi in Thailand seem more beautiful than any other island in the world.

Due to a beach destination, there are lot of water sports options in Thailand. You can try scuba diving, sea walking, banana ride, para gliding, para sailing, jet ski ride etc.

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Also, the archaeological aspect of Thailand is as rich as natural diversity. The temples and Buddhist sites in Thailand are very similar to that of India.

Lastly, Thailand has a rich animal kingdom too. It is known as a land of elephants. In Bangkok Safari World, a wide variety of animals, birds can be seen. The most interesting are the Dolphins !

6. Nightlife and Thailand Sex Tourism

This is the reason you would have been waiting to read in the post! Yes, Thailand is well known for its nightlife, disco bars, walking streets, call girls and finally the sex tourism. Thai Massage is also a very popular service which is available in every street of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Most tourists who visit Thailand to avail such services.

Thailand is a big hub of sex tourism despite its illegality. Local administration and govt have allowed the selling of sexual services up to some extent. You can read more here Is sex tourism legal in Thailand?.

So, the above mentioned are the top 6 reasons why so many Indians visit Thailand.

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