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Top 8 Travel Mistakes You Should Never Do

Booking the train or flight tickets, waiting for the journey for several months- and finally the day comes when you are about to commence your journey. Just pack the bag now and hang out! Sounds interesting, but even a little mistake can ruin your journey or make you fall into a clumsy situation.

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So, let’s discuss about top 8 very common, but troublesome mistakes which you should never commit.

1. Forgetting an ID proof

Yes, it would be most blunder mistake if you forget an ID proof after leaving home. An ID proof is required everywhere in a journey like showing it to railway authorities during a train journey or at an airport for flight check in or boarding. ID proof will also be required at the time to checking in to a hotel. It may also be required at the entrance of any secured premises. So, never forget to carry an ID proof which may be your Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license or passport. Nowadays digital copy of Aadhar also serves the purpose.

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2. Forgetting mobile charger

In this era of smartphones and internet, who doesn’t know the value of a mobile charger. If you miss it at home and your smartphone’s battery dies what can happen? You can’t make a call or do a Google search, can’t track the status of your upcoming train or flight. Further, if you happen to purchase a charger from outside market, it may be expensive or not of the desired quality. Even if you carry a power bank, it will also need a charger eventually. Your camera battery also needs a charger. So, never forget your charger.

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3. Having black bags

May be you are thinking why black bags are a problem during a journey. Think why? Suppose you are in a queue and waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim area of the airport. Black bags so common that chance of exchange with other passengers’ black bags is very high. Whether you picked up other passenger’s black bag or some one else has picked up yours, it will certainly create a big trouble to you. However, you may put an unique identification mark on your black bag to easily identify it. But it will be better to avoid black color and choose some other colors like blue, yellow, red etc.

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4. Didn’t research

Yes, doing a quick research on the destination or the monument you will be visiting add a lot of joy to your visit. When you already read some information or articles or blog posts about a monument, you begin to visualize it in your mind. When you actually visit it, it becomes more fun to explore that place. You may also save the fees of a tourist guide. So, always do a small research before your visit.

5. Late check in of flight

Late check in of flight can be very risky, your favorite window or aisle seat will be gone or even you will miss the flight. For domestic flights, it is recommended to report at the airport 2 hrs prior to the departure. If you reach the airport late, you will be in a hurry to do the every process- luggage check, getting boarding pass, security check and finally the boarding. Counter check in is also not allowed before 20-25 minutes of departure, boarding gates may be closed. Nowadays you can do the web check in before 48 hrs of the departure. So, always prepare to check in within right time.

6. Forget the bag lock

A lock can secure your luggage and your valuable items. In trains, luggage theft is very common. So, always carry a lock along with a chain to tie the luggage with the berth you are traveling on. In flights also, a locked bag is required for check in luggage. However, they put a temporary plastic lock on the bag if you don’t have a metallic lock.

7. Forget medicines

If you take any regular medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure etc, then don’t forget to pack them with your luggage. If you forget them, you will miss the medicines for some days as the same medicines may not be available anywhere. Further, you should carry some medicines for high altitude sickness, loose motion etc.

8. Overpacking

This is the most common mistakes almost all the travelers do. Over packing causes an unnecessary load on you, it may be uncomfortable and exhausting. Besides it, a heavy bag may cross the free baggage limit in flights and incurr extra fees or charges. So, always pack as many items as you really need them. For example, if you are going for a 2 days weekend trip, don’t pack more than 1 pair of extra jeans and t-shirt. For a 10 days trip, maximum 2 extra pairs of dress will work well. Try to keep your luggage as light as possible.

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