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Top 5 Weekend Gateways from Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur- the steel city, is the largest urban agglomerate in Jharkhand. This state has a very high potential for growth in tourism but still, it is very underrated as compared to other Indian states. Jharkhand is a plateau region consisting of a lot of waterfalls, valleys, rivers, mines, forests, and hills. If you are a resident of Jamshedpur, you have plenty of options as a weekend gateway. I would suggest some of them in the post ahead, but not all destinations are in Jharkhand, some may be located in the neighboring states- West Bengal and Odhisa. 5. Parasnath Hills (Jharkhand) Parasnath is the highest peak of Jharkhand having an altitude of about 4500 feet from the sea level. It is located in the Giridih district. It is believed that the 24th Tirthankar of the Jains- Parshwa Muni meditated here, the peak was named ‘Parasnath’ thereafter. A lot of Jain temples are spread over the hills, the largest one is on the peak which is known as Shikherji. Once you visit this location, you

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

It is said that matches are made in heaven. While this may be true, weddings take place on earth and come at a substantial cost. An average Indian wedding costs between 20 lakhs to 5 crores. And, the Indian wedding industry is growing at a rate of 25%-30% each year. The average Indian spends almost one-fifth of the total wealth they have accumulated over their lifetime on wedding expenditures. Considering the significant costs, it is natural that young couples today are looking for economically smart solutions to the big, fat Indian wedding and of course the honeymoon that must follow – without having to cut corners.  Some thoughtful financial planning and forethought, is bound to result in a honeymoon that is big on its returns to the investment you make, both to your financial bank and your memory bank. Here is a list of gorgeous and economical honeymoon destinations that you can travel to without burning a hole in your pocket. 1. Bhutan The happiest country in the world makes for a


“What do I need andnot need to carry for this trip?” A true travel enthusiast deems to createnew memories and experiences every time she plans a new trip, no matterwhatever the place might be. You’re not alone if you questioned the need ofsomething several times while preparing for a journey since no one wants tocarry the weight of unimportant stuff to a far off destination and then takethe pain of returning with it. Which is why you must know what and what not toassemble for your next expedition. Gadgets are a crucial part of everyone’s travel package. No, gadgets aren’t limited to smartphones and laptops , they practically include everything that makes your experience easy, including bags, wallets and luggage trolley itself. It is pretty easy to forget about an important tool whilepacking and extremely painful to repent it later, which is why you need aproper gadget and tools guide for travelling. This article briefs you aboutimportant things to consider for every trip and a few pick

7 Beautiful Hanoi Sights: Where You Should Visit

Behind every journey are new experiences and the opportunity to expand your knowledge. So if you’re travelling to Vietnam, do not miss these 7 amazing Hanoi attractions -the 1000-year-old capital. Get your Vietnam Visa For Canadians and travel to the country and explore wonderful things. All sights are connected with the history of development and development of the city, but also of the country. And over time, these beautiful Hanoi attractions have become an important part of the culture that attracts many tourists.  1. Turtle tower and Hoan Kiem lake: TheHo Guom Turtle Tower is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by greentrees and the busy 36-street bustle, perhaps the first image that reminds us ofHanoi. At the interface between two architectural styles, the French and thenative architecture creates a unique turtle tower. Most importantly, the HoGuom turtle tower has existed and will exist as a spiritual symbol for thepeople of Hanoi in particular and for Vietnam in general