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Top 5 Weekend Gateways from Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur- the steel city, is the largest urban agglomerate in Jharkhand. This state has a very high potential for growth in tourism but still, it is very underrated as compared to other Indian states. Jharkhand is a plateau region consisting of a lot of waterfalls, valleys, rivers, mines, forests, and hills. If you are a resident of Jamshedpur, you have plenty of options as a weekend gateway. I would suggest some of them in the post ahead, but not all destinations are in Jharkhand, some may be located in the neighboring states- West Bengal and Odhisa. 5. Parasnath Hills (Jharkhand) Parasnath is the highest peak of Jharkhand having an altitude of about 4500 feet from the sea level. It is located in the Giridih district. It is believed that the 24th Tirthankar of the Jains- Parshwa Muni meditated here, the peak was named ‘Parasnath’ thereafter. A lot of Jain temples are spread over the hills, the largest one is on the peak which is known as Shikherji. Once you visit this location, you