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Top 10 Travel Hacks to Save Money

Like every second thing in life, travelling also has two facets - one that is - full of fun and the other that is - expensive. However, there are many tricks, rather, what we call these days, hacks that can save your wallet from getting drained away while trotting the world. Most of us wish to holiday without breaking our banks, after all.   So, here are some tips and tricks to save money while travelling. Hopefully, these money-saving ideas will help you with your upcoming trip. Let's read on!   Hack #1 Wear the incognito cloak and search flights   According to many travel bloggers, the real people who have been there having done that , one of the best ways to save on buying flight tickets is - to search for flights from an incognito browser or clear the cache beforehand. Moreover, you can also try changing the name of your country and currency. The thing is - most of the time, the cost of flight tickets varies depending on the currency strength of a given place. So, i