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Top 10 Travel Hacks to Save Money

Like every second thing in life, travelling also has two facets - one that is - full of fun and the other that is - expensive. However, there are many tricks, rather, what we call these days, hacks that can save your wallet from getting drained away while trotting the world. Most of us wish to holiday without breaking our banks, after all.


So, here are some tips and tricks to save money while travelling. Hopefully, these money-saving ideas will help you with your upcoming trip. Let's read on!


Hack #1 Wear the incognito cloak and search flights


According to many travel bloggers, the real people who have been there having done that, one of the best ways to save on buying flight tickets is - to search for flights from an incognito browser or clear the cache beforehand. Moreover, you can also try changing the name of your country and currency. The thing is - most of the time, the cost of flight tickets varies depending on the currency strength of a given place. So, if you change the currency strength to a weaker one, you may get some good deals and buy air tickets as cheaply as possible. As per a 2018 study by a noted travel advisor - the best window to book air tickets is someway between three and four weeks before your journey. Also, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days when the cheapest flights operate.


Hack #2 Cruise along instead of flying


You may not know the fact that cruises cost you less when you book your seat in the eleventh hour, unlike airlines. It is mainly a good-to-go choice for longer sails. And, the icing on the cake is - cruises include a lot of facilities, such as entertainment and food. It makes them even more profitable in comparison to air travel followed by accommodation and food. Isn't it?


Hack #3 Flash sites are the ultimate money-savers


Can you book in advance? Are you flexible with your travelling dates? Well! In that case, you can use flash sites to book your air tickets. According to the editor of an esteemed travel website - it can help you save as much as 40% to 90% on your flights. Yes, you heard it right. So, why not try it today?


Hack #4 Long stays and local flavour add to your travel experience.


According to industry experts - if your trip is long or you intend to stay at your destination for a long time - say around two to four weeks, Airbnb, a vacation rental company, can be a good idea. They offer great bargains on extended stays. Plus, when you spend a lot of time in a particular place, you get to immerse yourself in the local flavours, foods, and other delicacies.


Hack #5 Off-season travels are the best.


Off-season trips are indeed the best. You can travel at your own pace with less crowd and less cacophony around. Plus, whether it is accommodation, food, or commuting to different places, everything is easily accessible, readily available, and light on the pocket. So, the next time you plan a trip, choose a season that is not on but off! Your wallet will thank you for that. One hack, many benefits.


Hack #6 Book a ticket to a connecting destination.


Does your tour itinerary include major airport hubs? In such cases, the flights are more likely to be pretty expensive. However, there is always a hack that covers your back! If you are flying to a hub destination, you can book your flight ticket to a nearby city connected to the hub. First of all, the tickets will be less expensive, and you will be connected through the city anyway. So, get off and save! Interesting. Right? This way, you can save a lot of money and use it otherwise.


Hack #7 If possible, ditch air travel.


It goes without saying that you can save a great deal by simply avoiding travelling through airways. Use taxis, trains, bus services, or go on foot as much as and where it is possible, instead. It would be way cheaper than air travel, for sure. If you are new to a place and do not have an idea about the transportation system, you can use online platforms that provide you with alternatives for flying.


Hack #8 Get a local sim card and relax.


When you travel, especially to an overseas destination, it is always a good idea to get a local sim card. Or else, roaming charges are most likely to add up to your expenses. With a local sim card, you can at least save on making phone calls.


Hack #9 Use credit card reward points.


One of the best ways to book air tickets is by signing up for a couple of travel credit cards. Yes, true. By doing so, you can collect miles, reward points, and fly without having to spend a penny. A majority of such cards provide the customers with a considerable amount of sign-up bonuses. You can use them and fly as cheaply as possible.


Hack #10 Do not forget your visitors insurance policy.


Before setting off for a vacation, people buy this and that and what-not and look for ways to cut their travel costs off. However, hardly anyone realizes the importance of purchasing a travel medical or visitors health insurance policy until it is too late. Moreover, some people find it very expensive while others say - what is the need to buy one as it is not mandatory in all countries.

 Dear reader, there is something called self-interest, and that is beyond all rules and regulations. The Best Visitors insurance policy ensures that if you fall sick and meet with an accident during your international trip, you can get medical care on time without having to shell out a fortune.


An uncovered trip can even take you to the doors of getting bankrupt. Therefore, before you head on your international vacation, get yourself an all-encompassing Visitors Insurance policy from a reliable insurance provider. To find out the most suitable product, always make sure to compare different policies with a user-friendly online platform like Visitors Guru. It is an insurance broking portal that features insurance products from the most trusted insurance carriers.


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  3. I love all of these tips and will keep in my mind while . By the way, would like to see more tips and tricks for saving money from your side.


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