5 Must Know Secrets if you are going to book Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

Points to Know before booking the Mumbai to Goa Angriya Cruise

As most of you are already aware that the Mumbai-Goa Angriya Cruise is going to commence from 24th of October this year, but there are certain must know conditions before booking and boarding the cruise.

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1. Fares

In most of the news portals, you must have read that the fare in this Angriya cruise from Mumbai to Goa will be 7000 Rupees per sector. But this is not completely true.

There are two types of rooms available in the cruise. Most of the rooms are two bedded couple or family rooms, while some of them are dormitories or luxury pods with common washroom which are suitable for solo travellers only. If you are single and going to book the double bed room, one bed will be unoccupied in this case and the cruise company will force you to pay 70% charges of the other bed also. In this way, the fare drastically rises from Rs 7000 to around Rs 12000. That’s the real secret! Therefore if you are solo, better to book the dormitory or luxury pods.

2. Food cost on board

Must keep in mind that no outside food will be allowed in the ship, even water also. The lump sum cost of all the eatables, bewarages, dinner etc will be Rs 2000 and will be automatically added to the room or bed fare and charged at the time of booking, isn’t it wonderful? You can’t skip this charge at the time of booking the rooms or beds. So, the ship fare is never going to be only Rs 7000.

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3. Luggage allowance

There are similar rules for luggage in this cruise also. The check in luggage allowance is 25kg and the hand luggage allowance is 10kg. You will not have any access to the check in luggage during the journey, so please pack all the necessary items in the hand luggage only which you will need during the voyage.

4. No banned items!

If you have ever traveled in a flight, you must know that what are banned items in a flight whether domestic or international. Hazardous items like explosives, weapons, toolsetc are under banned categories. Similar in this cruise also, you can’t bring them inside the ship. So, beware with this point also.

5. Pregnant ladies and infants

However this condition may not applicable on all the people. Pregnant ladies with pregnancy beyond 6 months and infants below 6 months age will not be allowed in the cruise.

So, if you are planning to book and enjoy the Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa, please remember the above points also.

Now you can book the cruise here.

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