Android Apps Which Make You A Smart Traveller

In the present era of digital world, no one would ever imagine of a smartphone without apps. Since, Android is the most common platform on the earth, it offers more than a  million of variety of apps for the users. The Android app store which is known as Google Play Store is flooded with all categories of apps, but whenever we search anything in the search box, a lot of similar looking apps will be listed up which definitely creates confusion to the users. Very few of them are proved to be useful and valuable indeed, but the rest are only a wastage of time.     

            As this website focuses only on travel, some interesting apps are listed below which will make you a smart traveller as well as your journey easier.

(1) Google Maps: Obviously this app needs no introduction to you. Most of the devices have this app already installed. This app works good for looking up any location on the globe with normal and satellite views. Navigation system also works good. Now you can also save a cached copy of a particular location for offline use. But the problem arises when the mobile network is unavailable, everything cannot work well, we need an offline map.
You can download it from here. Click Here

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2) HERE Maps: Although there are a number of offline maps available in the Play Store, this  is the best app which also works offline. You can either use it online or it also offers you to download the whole map of a particular country or its separate territories. The only drawback is that, downloading offline map makes the app bulky occupying more memory.
You can download it from here. Click Here

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(3) GPS Test: When we visit a hill station, we may be curious to measure the height of the land from the sea level. This is a lightweight app with functionalities as displaying the height form sea level and moving speed if you are driving.You can download it from here. Click Here

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(4) Google TranslateYou may be already familiar with this app which provides you translating facility form one language to another. This app may be useful if you are travelling in a place where language problem exists. Many languages are supported in this app covering worldwide.You can download it from here.

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(5) Tripit: This is a travel planner app. Just forward all your travel confirmation emails to and it will automatically create an itinerary of the whole trip. The emails may be related to flight, hotels bookings, restaurant bookings, taxi etc. It works automatically with Gmail and Google apps.You can download it from here. Click Here

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(6) Other Travel Apps: There are many other travel apps which may be useful in the course of travel. TRIP ADVISOR is useful for reading reviews of places, attractions, restaurants, hotels etc. Make My TripGoibibo, YatraCleartrip: All are travel booking apps. For Railway bookings, IRCTC Connect is the official app. Since there are plenty of railway apps, user face confusion in choosing them. So I will try to help you which one to choose in the forthcoming posts.If you like this post, please hit like on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

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