5 Must have things to carry when trekking

Trekking– a strenuous format of travel which is especially done on foot. It requires a lot of physical effort and stamina depending upon the level of difficulty of the trek, so a trek may be easy or difficult. However, it is often assumed that trekking means only climbing the mountains or trekking resembles only mountaineering….

Why Travel is an Essential Part of My Life

Traveling has too many perspectives. People travel because of a number of reasons floating in their minds. Everyone has his or her own priority levels regarding travel. Some people think travel as only a medium of recreation, while some people travel as a hobby. On the other hand, a vast majority of man and women…

Tips For Traveling Alone-Beginner’s Guide

While there are those who love to go out exploring other lands in the company of only a backpack, many people do not even consider embarking on a new destination without the company of their peers, family or friends. But traveling alone is incredible – addictive, even.  After all, there is no shortage of advantages….

Top Websites for Budget and Solo Travelers

In this era of internet, nothing is remaining untouched. In the earlier times, people used to take help from other travelers around them for planning any trip. But it is not even required now, everything lies in your pocket’s smartphone. Budget is an important factor for backpackers, flash packers or solo budget travelers. There are…

ecr non ecr passports

ECR and non-ECR Passports: The difference and conversion from ECR to non-ECR

ECR और non-ECR पासपोर्ट क्या है? दोस्तों आपने ECR और non ECR passports के बारे सुना होगा। ECR passport वैसे लोगों को जारी किये जाते हैं जो कम पढ़े लिखे, अनपढ़ या मेट्रिक पास नहीं होते है, जबकि जो लोग कम से कम मेट्रिक पास होते हैं, सरकार उन्हें non ECR passport ही जारी करती…