Causes of Visa Rejection- You must know

Causes of Visa Rejection
Causes of Visa Rejection

In today’s post, I will tell you why someone’s Visa is rejected- the main causes of visa rejection. There can be many reasons for this, some reasons are quite common and applicable for Visa Application of any country. Normally we Indians do not have any problem in getting Visa in Asia, but when we apply Visa for developed western countries like USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc. then the chances of Visa rejection will increase up to a great extent. Let me discuss at least ten such reasons in this post.

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Main Causes of Visa Rejection

1 . Incomplete Documents

That is, if your documents are incomplete, then your Visa can be easily rejected. What I mean is that in Visa Application of any country, your Bank Statement, Passport with minimum 6 months validity, Income Tax Return, Flight Tickets, Hotel Booking, etc. are very basic documents, if any of these are missed, then your Visa will be rejected. So always try to apply Visa only after checking all the documents thoroughly.

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2. Documents Mismatch

This means that even if all your details do not match within all the documents, your visa can be rejected. For example, whatever your name is in the passport, if the same name is not exactly the same in the the flight ticket, then your visa will be rejected. Sometimes people leave surname in a document, somewhere middle name. It should not happen. All documents should have the same name, surname and date of birth.

3. False/Forged Documents

Many people submit some false or fake documents in the event of not having the right documents, which will not only get your visa rejected for once, but you can also get a ban forever. For example, if you have shown the false flight ticket, then the embassy people of that country can take a strong step on you.

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4. Bank Statements

If you apply a visa for a country, then of course they ask you for bank statements to check your financial condition, as well as they also demand that the bank statement should be only last 6 months or 3 months old i.e. the latest statement needed. If you do not regularly update your bank passbook and show only the old statement, then in such a case there is a lot of possibility of your visa being rejected.

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5. Insufficient Bank Balance

Apart from the bank statement, there should be sufficient balance in your bank account so that you can check whether you are able to bear the expenses of the country you are going to. The expenses here can also vary under different circumstances. Suppose you are thinking of traveling to Europe for 15 days and if you have only fifty thousand rupees in your account then there can be problem in getting visa, you should have at least two lakh rupees. Also, assuming you have shown flight tickets as business class and have been booked luxury hotels, then bank balance should also be correspondingly. It is not favourable that you have booked a five star hotel and in the bank account you are showing only two lakh rupees, your bank balance should be according to your luxury level.

6. Passport Validity/Condition

Many countries want for visa application that the validity of your passport should be left at least 6 months, some countries also accept the remaining validity of at least 1 month. It is very important to take care of this before applying visa, if your passport is about to expire, then renew it first, then apply visa. Secondly, passport should not be damaged, at least the first page in which your details are written, that page should be in the correct condition. Also, at least two pages must be blank so that there is some apace for immigration or visa stamp.

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7. Unsatisfactory Explanation/Itinerary

Sometimes some people make such an itinerary that they cannot justify it correctly. Suppose you want to go somewhere else, but the flight ticket is going to another city of the same country, but in itinerary you have written the name of the other city. Or you have booked hotel somewhere for only two days but made an itinerary for four days. Or you are going to do some other task but you applied tourist visa. So the chances of visa rejection in all these conditions are greatly increased. So do not do any such activity that the embassy officials have any doubt about you.

8. Dummy Hotel Bookings/Flight Tickets

Friends, many people do not make prepaid flight and hotel bookings for fear of being rejected, but they procure fake bookings or dummy bookings. The advantage of this is that if your visa is rejected due to any reason, then there is no significant loss of money in flight and hotel bookings cancellation. Nowadays there are many websites where you can make a dummy flight or hotel booking by paying some money and you have to pay only a nominal amount. But the other side of it is that if the embassy officials verify these dummy tickets then visa can also be rejected. In this case, dummy tickets are both good and bad. However those websites claim that these dummy tickets will look the same as real even if verified.

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9. Travel History

Travel history i.e. how many countries you have visited before, has an importance in visa application. If you are a genuine traveler and travel history is also good, your chances of getting your visa approved are greatly increased. But this does not mean that there is a guarantee of getting a visa if you have a good travel history. Countries like USA investigate so much that despite good travel history, they reject the visa of many people.

10. Solo Travelers

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The last thing I would like to say about the solo travelers who like travelling alone. Nowadays the trend of solo travelling has risen a lot, but if a solo traveler applies the visa of countries like USA or UK for the first time then the chance of visa rejection increases considerably. If you are solo traveler then I would recommend that you first make a good travel history by traveling to easy visa countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc., then turn to western countries. I hope you have come to know the 5 main causes of visa rejection.

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