Clear All Doubts About Thailand Visa on Arrival/E-visa

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IMG 20181014 071828 763

There have been a lot of questions about Thailand Visa on Arrival. Recently Thailand has also introduced e-visa on arrival for Indians. So, there are a lot of doubts and confusion among the travelers which visa is better, required documents for visa etc.

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Lets have a quick look on Thailand Visa FAQs.

1. What is the difference between Thailand Visa, Visa on Arrival and e-visa on arrival?

Answer: Pre visa is what you apply and get at any Royal Embassy of Thailand located at almost all major cities in India.

Normal visa on arrival is a traditional kind of on arrival visa which you get upon arrival at any of international airports of Thailand. You have to submit the required documents and visa fees only at the visa on arrival counters.

While in e-visa, you have to apply and pay the fees online and print the e-visa application receipt and fly to Thailand. But in this case too, you have to take the final visa at special e-visa on arrival counters.

2. Are bank statements required for Thailand visa/e-visa on arrival?

Answer: No, bank statements are not required for visa/e-visa on arrival. But if you apply at any Thai Embassy, it is required.

3. How much cash should I carry for Thailand visa/e-visa on arrival?

Answer: You have to carry minimum 10,000 Thai Baht.

4. Do I need to pay at counter in case of e-visa on arrival?

Answer: No, you will pay only online in case of e-visa on arrival and pay at counters in case of normal visa on arrival.

5. Why should I take e-visa on arrival?

Answer: There are a lot of long queues at normal visa on arrival counters. Sometimes it takes more than 2 hrs for getting the visa. But if you already applied the e-visa on arrival, you neither need to fill any form nor submit any fees at counters. There are special counters of e-visa on arrival for producing the e-visa receipt only, so you get visa faster than normal visa on arrival.

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6. Is there any extra fees of e-visa on arrival?

Answer: Yes, visa is free also in case of e-visa but there is a processing fees of 600 Thai Baht for e-visa on arrival while normal visa on arrival is completely free now till April 2020.

7. Which is the official VFS Global Thailand e-voa website?


8. Which airports of Thailand support e-voa?

Answer: At present E-VOA available at 4 airports in Thailand namely:

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok

Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok

Phuket International Airport, Phuket

Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiang Mai

9. How much validity do voa or e-voa have?

Answer: In both types of visa, validity is only 15 days.

10. Is voa single entry or double/multiple entry?

Answer: On arrival visa or e-voa are always single entry visa.

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