“What do I need and not need to carry for this trip?” A true travel enthusiast deems to create new memories and experiences every time she plans a new trip, no matter whatever the place might be. You’re not alone if you questioned the need of something several times while preparing for a journey since no one wants to carry the weight of unimportant stuff to a far off destination and then take the pain of returning with it. Which is why you must know what and what not to assemble for your next expedition.

Gadgets are a crucial part of everyone’s travel package. No, gadgets aren’t limited to smartphones and laptops, they practically include everything that makes your experience easy, including bags, wallets and luggage trolley itself.

It is pretty easy to forget about an important tool while packing and extremely painful to repent it later, which is why you need a proper gadget and tools guide for travelling. This article briefs you about important things to consider for every trip and a few picks that will save your travel time one day.


The purpose of a gadget is to solve a problem. When you take yourself to an entirely different place that encompasses an unlike environment and are left with the task of carrying the least stuff you can, you have to make choices. And if you already know how to make good choices, they will make your trip easier than ever.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for gadgets and appliances for a trip:

  1. KEEP A FEW BASIC GADGETS: Every trip requires general stuff like luggage carriers, bags, wallet, earphones, etc. These things being basic doesn’t mean that they can be bought in a hassle. It is better to make sure that every item you take on has more than a single-use to it. For instance, if you’re going to buy a new wallet, it should be protective as well as spacious enough to store enough cards, cash, etc. because you never know when a particular usage becomes the most important one.
  • ALWAYS PACK ACCORDING TO THE DESTINATION: Every single place has its unique characteristics. Blending in is often necessary for a unique experience. For you to not catch a cold during a trip to Chail, a portable air heater and chai/coffee maker is a must to include in your bag.


3. WHATEVER THAT SAVES TIME AND SPACE: For a journey lasting less than 3-4 days, which is almost all short trips, you should pack gadgets which are useful concerning the journey as well as destination. Tools that are capable of solving problems faster are a must if you want to enjoy your next trip without spending time on relatively useless stuff such as drying clothes, heating water manually, etc.

Similarly, compact and small tools are always preferable since everyone wants to travel as light as they can. Sometimes, really useful objects are heavier than expected and become a headache instead of a utility.

4. KEEP EMPTY SPACE FOR SOUVENIRS: Alright! Now that you have stacked all the paraphernalia for your journey, there is one and the only fact to keep in mind while putting it all in your bags, which is you will have to create some space for all the souvenirs and/or gifts that you will be returning with. Numerous times we forget this and over-pack instead of under-packing knowing that we are going to bring something home.


These are a few awesome gadgets sub-categorised into four parts, (a) commonly used, (b) for videos and photos and (c) audio and (d) connectivity, most of which ought to be included the next time you travel, especially to far off places.


This list includes general items that save time and space. Most of these are modern tools which work under daily circumstances and even emergencies. They come in handy at unusual moments. Packing some of them, just in case is always a good decision.


There is a high chance that you will get visit a chilly region at least once in your lifetime, especially if you’re living in India. As we live in a tropical country, places like Shimla, Mussourie and Ladakh become hubs for college/school trips, honeymoons and all short trips.

 A warm place of rest after an exhausting hike is the best thing for the thrill-seeking wanderers out there who like to go for trekking and camping at places with high altitudes. Camps are usually small in area and handy heaters are specially made to heat enclosed spaces in no time, which make these a perfect tool for cold places.

Even the peace-loving travellers can find utility through a portable room heater. The hotels where we stay usually run out of heaters, especially during the vacation season and this happens a lot more than you think. The only way to not catch a cold and catch good experiences is to pack a lightweight heater that can be used at the place you stay.


Travelling is time-consuming, especially the long journeys that we take to reach our respective destinations. Be it air travel, trains or road trips, we keep our luggage packed and closed until we reach the journey’s end. But where does the food, snacks, water, chargers, headphones, power banks, etc. go? Answer- travel bags.

The best thing about a backpack is the vast numbers of people it serves. Everyone including business persons, college students, hikers, etc. carries a backpack for items that she would regularly have to use during the journey. Electronics, food, travel pillows, secondary wearable and almost every other accessory, including the valuables that you wouldn’t want to be stolen become the reason to have a backpack.

Another purpose of a backpack is keeping the perishables, beverages and water, or basically anything that can spill and blot your clothes with irrecoverable stains, away from luggage. Modern bags have separate compartments for different types of items which keeps them safe as well as within your eyesight.


A travel pillow may look like a light-quality gimmick forced by salespeople but is exactly the opposite in terms of health benefits. If you’ve travelled overnight, you might have experienced a hard time resting your head as most trains and economy flights aren’t meant to help you sleep.

Since different people have different heights and neck shapes, and airlines don’t customise their seats for people, you are better off with a travel pillow which is made of a material that adjusts according to your height and neck shape. People with neck and spinal injuries and especially cervical can find a great tool in the form of a travel pillow.


You might have been wondering to yourself, “Who uses pocket knives these days except the army?” but it is a tool so useful and underrated that you would probably regret not carrying one during an emergency, and most importantly when you’re alone out of your hometown.

A pocket knife, as you might have guessed is the best tool for self-defence purposes. One is bound to get attacked by unknown animals, thieves and intruders (who wait for suckers to travel and end up without help). Secondly, you can use it as a multipurpose tool to cut various stuff while camping out or even on a picnic. It can also be used for first aid especially to cut clothes if you get wounded or injured.

The only drawback with a pocket knife is that you cannot take one to a flight. The officials take it away, which is why you can always buy it from a store at the destination.


A carry-on (also known as hand luggage) is a spacious bag that holds all the clothes, souvenirs and large valuables. They are widely popular for air travel as they save check-in time and money since you can carry them with you as compared to traditional luggage that has to be checked by airport authorities.

Carry-ons are best suitable for short trips. Since trips have gotten much shorter than they used to earlier, the average luggage volume has also significantly reduced arising the need for luggage that can be handled easily.

But the problem is that carry-ons hold a lot less luggage as compared to traditional luggage, which is why you should only opt for it if you want to travel light and short.


No matter how hard you try, your normal smartphone isn’t enough for those kickass Instagram pictures. Heck! You can even create a Vlog about your vacation these days and gain viewership, which requires some enhancements and equipment like the ones below:


A handheld gimbal is a stabilizer for smartphone videography. Professionals use it as a tool to prevent their natural hand movement from shooting a shaky video. It reduces the number of distractions in video footages which makes the video a treat not only for the creators but for the viewers as well.

 A gimbal acts as a barrier between people who travel just for fun and people who want to make a career out of it through vlogging. You can shoot live sessions as well as third-person videos without even worrying a little about your movements and how they would affect the smoothness of the video.

But gimbals come with drawbacks as well. To begin with, durable gimbals are made out of metal and consume a lot of areas as well which increases the cost as well as luggage. And if that wasn’t enough, learning how to use a gimbal takes effort and time. If you aren’t ready to give up any one of them, you shouldn’t buy one


It is OK if you do not want to spend your money haphazardly on an expensive camera. It also takes time to learn how to take good photos, and more time to get used to the interface. What could be an alternative to the problem that is as simple to understand as a smartphone and has an image quality better than that of a smartphone? A mobile camera lens.

It is always better to buy a set of lenses if you would want to buy clip-on lenses, the reason being that they have a much better value for money and can be used for several purposes. The biggest limitation of independent mobile lenses is that they get lost and broken easily.


You know what a smartphone mount is if you have ever sat into an Ola/Uber cab. They have these installed to drive and navigate easily using Google Maps. Keeping aside this great utility of phone mounts which makes them useful for confusion-free long drives, there is another great use for which phone mounts are unknown.

When we generally go to places that aren’t visited frequently, we see it several times that no one is around to help us with a family picture or sometimes we just don’t want to bother strangers and click a selfie at the end. Using a phone mount you can get pictures clicked and include everyone in your group without needing to ask strangers for help.


If you listen to music a lot and travel solo, a pair of good quality headphones or earphones is something that you should opt for. It’s a scientific fact that good music always shortens the journey. Whether to buy earphones or headphones is entirely your choice.


The improved Bluetooth technology has made almost every audio utility wireless. Wired earphones, that had limitations like getting tangled in bags, breaking easily, small lifetime and constant earaches have been replaced by Bluetooth headsets and earphones that are much better than the traditional ones, especially for outstation purposes.


Music is the gist of every party. Any place can become a bash with the help of food and drinks (that can be bought) and a good music system. Since transporting bulky speakers is impossible and something that a normal person wouldn’t do, you can turn up to the next best alternative, which is a compact Bluetooth speaker.

Apart from other benefits, Bluetooth speakers consume much less energy and can be put everywhere which makes them a perfect companion for jamming with friends and family during bus and train journeys.



When you’re far off from home where there is rarely a charging port nearby, a power bank is the best way to charge all other gadgets. There’s no point stressing out on how much we use power banks even in our daily lives, so a much bigger need arises when we are completely out of daily life.

Powerbanks enable you to click as many pictures, do as much as videography and listen to as much as songs as you can without worrying about battery drain. Some power banks also charge faster than traditional chargers.


Imagine a situation: You took all the required gadgets to you on an international trip. When you reach the hotel, you realise that the switches, plugs and pins they use aren’t the ones that are used in your country. It becomes impossible to charge anything and everything. You are forced to buy an adapter there, wasting time and money.

This is an unforeseen nightmare for any consumer. To prevent such mishappenings, one needs to carry a gadget called travel adapter that connects to different switches available in different countries. Travel adapters are suitable for international trips, especially when you need to charge multiple devices with different kinds of plugs, all at once.


 Travelling is easy and fun, and probably the dream of many people who want to be free like birds. But a few unanticipated problems can make your trip hard for which you planned a month ago. Which is why it is important to put some tools in your bags to make your travel experience cool and charming.

You got to learn how to find those tools according to your trip and gave you some must-haves which needs to be in your bucket list before you plan on your escape from the world. Do give us your views and some additions from you which could have been there in the comment box.


I am Gagandeep, a college student and a gadget blogger, always keen to create a name in the world of content creation. Just like being a blogger in a world of MBAs, I like to take the road less travelled by. I have been to zillions of expeditions across North and South India and even travelled across Asia quite a few times. Like every gadget enthusiast that breathes gizmos in an out, it took me some time to get how I could make these trips smooth through my knowledge of gadgets, and I have been doing the same since then. J