How to clear immigration if your English is weak?

The Importance of English

Is your English weak or you face difficulty in conversation in English? Millions of people travel daily, pass the immigration and cross borders, but it does not mean that all of them are fluent well in English language. The most common immigration questions are asked generally in English at the airport. English is an international language in the modern era, one needs at least basic working knowledge of this language, but however it does not mean that non-English speakers cannot travel across the countries.

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So, what if you are a non-English speaker?

Although if everything is right with you, nobody is going to ask any questions at the immigration. In the countries like Thailand and south east Asia, immigration is very easy and simple, but in western countries like USA, UK or Europe, it may be a little bit more difficult. They just ask you to show your passport-visa and nothing else.

But what if they suspect something and want to ask a few things about your journey like what do you do, how long your are staying etc. Now the question arises that what to do if your English is weak or you are a non-English speaker. When you are at an Indian airport, immigration questions are commonly asked in Hindi or any other local language, but in a foreign country, immigration is most likely to be done in English only. In such a case, you may face some difficulty in answering their questions. If you are traveling alone, the problem is more.

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Solutions to non-English speakers:

Now there are certain solutions available which can be used by non English speakers at airport immigration.

1. Help by your co-traveler

If you are traveling with your friend or any family member and if their English is good, then they can help you in answering the immigration questions. A lot of less educated parents from India visit their working sons or daughters working abroad, but have you ever thought how do they clear the immigration at the airport? If they are traveling with their other educated family members, they do not face any problem.

2. Get some common immigration questions written on a paper

This is another solution if you are traveling alone and nobody is there to help you. You can already get some most common immigration questions written on a paper and show it to the immigration officials. You can find out some basic common immigration questions here

Airport Immigration- Eight Common Questions .

3. Translation services at the airport

Some popular airports have translation services or interpreters available at the airport to facilitate the immigration in regional languages. For example, London airport has a lot of daily visitors who can not speak English, so they may arrange some Hindi speaking immigration officers too.

4. Telephonic call to your relatives

This is also a method if none of the above is working for your. The immigration officer may ask you to provide a telephone no of any of your family members or relatives, and he will ask them about your journey.

So, these are the common solutions to a non English speaker at the airport immigration.

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