How to Start a Journey

Starting a journey is a wonderful thing we all know, but is there anything to keep in mind before leaving home? Often, we forget some points and face some problems which may ruin the charm of the travelling. Here are some major things to remember as per my experience. 

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(1) Gain the perfect knowledge of the place you are visiting. You may search in the internet or books. I think reading good travel blogs is a nice way. 

(2) “LESS LUGGAGE, EASY JOURNEY”. Pack only the stuff you need in the tour. Unnecessary goods will only waste your effort to carry them. 

 (3) Use small bags to carry goods like medicine, paper soap, mobile charger, camera etc to be consumed or used in transit separately, so that they can easily be used. It may be placed under the seat or on your lap, you may not get worried of keeping anywhere else (on the bus deck etc).

 (4) Must carry a valid ID proof without which you may be denied to check into a hotel! In India, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving License etc are the most common documents.

 (5) Carry all other travel documents like tickets, booking slips etc. Must check the PNR status if railway tickets are not already confirmed. If flight, status should also be checked. 

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How to Start a Journey

(6) Don’t drink water anywhere, it may be polluted and you may fall sick. Water bottles with broken seals must be avoided.

 (7) Carry some home made snacks. It will decrease your dependency on outside food. 

(8) Now a days people often post on social media about their journey. It may be a dangerous act if you are leaving home unattended. Criminals and thieves always look for such a golden opportunity to grab your valuable assets at home.  So, Don’t post on social media that your home is locked and you are out of station!

(9) And, at last, lock your home and ensure twice! Switch off the main power supply of the house.If you keep in mind of the above tips, your journey will be happy, easy and fruitful!

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