Indigo launches Varanasi-Bangkok new flight on “Paap-Praschit route!

Indigo has just launched a new direct non stop flight service between Varanasi (India) to Bangkok (Thailand), but the crazy internet is calling it as the “Paap and Praschit” route! People never miss any chance to take a dip into such kind of controversies.

If you don’t know about Varanasi, let me introduce you now. Varanasi or commonly called Benaras, also known as Kashi is a holy pilgrimage city of the Hindus. Here the devotees come in millions of number and take a bath in the river Ganga. It is believed that it will wipe out all their previous sins they have committed in their life so far. The city is full of temples and religious monuments. So we call it a holy or ‘Praschit’ city.

While on the other hand, Bangkok is city which is notorious for sex tourism. Every urban street of Thailand is believed to be equipped with call girls, bars, disco girls, wines etc. So, the capital city Bangkok becomes the sin or ‘Paap’ city in this way.

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Therefore the connection between these two cities means a connection between a holy and a sin city. In Hindi, it means a connection between Paap and Praschit. The internet users, mainly Twitter users are calling it a Paap and Praschit route, the phrase has emerged from here.

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