My 10 Days Itinerary for Andman Trip

For how many days, should your Andman trip be?

Andman has about 572 islands and out of them, only 38 are inhabited. Further out of this 38, mostly 10-12 islands are visited by tourists. The northern part of Andman, and the Nicobar group is less explored. Only south Andman which includes Port Blair, Neil and Havelock are widely touched. These three islands can be covered in 7 days at most. If you like to visit the north Andman i.e., Diglipur, Rangat etc, you will need 3 days extra. Here I am going to suggest you a 10 days itinerary which I also followed in March 2017.

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1st Day: Port Blair Sightseeing

Arrival at Port Blair. Visit the local sightseeing points and monuments. You can go to the Cellular Jail first which will require you to spend at least 2 hrs. Just walking downstairs, you will find Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex, from there you will get ferries or boats to Ross, North Bay and Viper islands. It will be difficult to cover them same day but you can try next day or some other day or last day in Port Blair. Then proceed to Chatham Saw Mill, Marine Aquarium, Corbyn’s Cove Beach. Chidiya Tapu Beach can be visited after 2PM as it is suitable to see the sunset there.

2nd Day: Ross, North Bay and Viper islands.

Just again visit the Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex, and buy tickets for the three islands alltogether. Sometimes, they skip the Viper island and take you to only Ross and North Bay islands. At North Bay, you can do many water sports activities like Scuba diving, glass bottom ride, sub marine, snorkelling etc. If you are not interested, just buy the ticket for the Ross island only as there is nothing more at North Bay except water sports.

3rd Day: Neil Island

Explore Port Blair as much as you can do in 1st and 2nd day in Andman, leave the rest for some other day. Visit the islands first now. Neil island is just 36 km by sea which will require just 90 minutes journey. Some people stay at Neil for a night or come back to Port Blair or proceed further to Havelock also. I, too, stayed here for a night.

First visit the Bharatpur Beach just beside the jetty. Then proceed to the Coral Point and Natural Bridge. You can just walk or hire an auto or taxi. In the evening, go to see the magnificent sunset of Laxmanpur Beach. Stay at night then.

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My 10 Days Itinerary for Andman Trip

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4th Day: Havelock Island

Neil to Havelock journey takes again 90 minutes. At Havelock, first you can visit Govind Nagar beach near the jetty, then Kala Patthar Beach. Afterwards, go for a track to the Elephant beach on the way to Radha Nagar beach. Then, see the Radha Nagar beach at last. There is nothing much commercial activities there, but you can take a bath in the beach, and sit in the wooden seats. Stay at Night at Havelock.

5th Day: Back to Port Blair

After a day in Havelock, you can again visit the Radha Nagar beach as it is Asia’s No 1 beach. Then go back to Port Blair. In the evening, you can visit Chidiya Tapu and Munda Pahad beach.

6th Day: Baratang Lime Stone Caves

Baratang is 100 km north of Port Blair. Visit the natural lime stone caves there. It is just 25 minutes journey If you are in Andman just for 7 days, it may be your last day, otherwise, you can proceed further by another bus from Baratang to Diglipur on the same route via Rangat and Mayabunder. This road is NH4 or the great Andman Trunk Road which will pass through the Jarava Forest Reserve now.

7th Day: Diglipur’s Ross and Smith Island

Diglipur is also a fantastic place to explore. In the morning you can visit the Ross and Smith twin islands where you can see two sea beaches meeting. Then, you can go to the Kalipur beach where you can find the turtle’s resort. If you want to do a track in Andman’s highest Saddle peak, stay a night in Diglipur otherwise go back to Rangat in the evening.

8th Day: Rangat and Mayabunder

Rangat is in Middle Andman. It has sea beaches, Aam Kunj etc. There are two bus routes from Diglipur to Rangat, some buses may or may go via Mayabunder. If you like to visit Mayabunder also, take a bus which first goes to Mayabunder, then take another bus from Mayabuder to Rangat. Stay a night at Rangat.

9th Day: Back to Port Blair

Last day, you should go from Rangat to Port Blair back. It would take you around 6-7 hrs. If you would have directly departed from Diglipur to Port Blair, it would take approximately 10 hrs. This day will be exhausted by such a long road journey. In the evening, you reach Port Blair, and can explore the local Abardeen market.

10th Day: Wondoor Beach and Jolly Buoy or Red Skin Islands.

Wondoor is about 30 km away from Port Blair city which you can travel by bus or a full auto or taxi. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is here which contains 12 islands including the Jolly Buoy and the Red Skin. The Jolly Buoy remains opens for tourists during winter while the Red Skin is open in summer. You may get their tickets at the counters located at Wondoor or pre-book through any travel agent in Port Blair. This will be your last day in Andman, next day you can depart to your home town.

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