Nepal: In the Lap of Himalayas!

  Nepal: a land of hills and mountains all around, a country situated in the lap of the great Himalayas, a land of the great Gautam Budhdha, which I visited last year in June 2014, is suffering from severe natural calamity these days. The massive earthquakes have almost thrown out the ancient heritage and beauty of Nepal.

जमशेदपुर से नेपाल (काठमांडू) तक की बस यात्रा (Jamshedpur to Nepal By Bus)

काठमांडू के नज़ारे- पशुपतिनाथ, बौद्धनाथ, भक्तपुर दरबार और नागरकोट- नेपाल भाग -2 (Kathmandu- Nepal Part-II)

काठमांडू से पोखरा- सारंगकोट, सेती नदी, गुप्तेश्वर गुफा और फेवा झील (Pokhara- Nepal Part-III)

नेपाल से वापसी- बनारस में कुछ लम्हें (Banaras- Nepal IV)

Bihar-Raxual Border. Reached Kathmandu in the overnight journey. While suffering from severe heat waves in Bihar, hardly had we entered 40-50km inside Nepalese region, we felt the cool and calm atmoshphere of Nepal throughout the night. Next morning at 6AM, we saw the Kathmandu’s marvellous sight. Boarded a hotel there and visited many places as Pashupati Nath Temple, Swambhunath Temple, Patan, Bhaktpur, The Darbar Square etc. 

Next day, we reached another great city- Pokhara, just 4-5hrs journey from Kathmandu. The famous Feva lake was very mind blowing and cooling efffect on the air. We done a boat ride there and enjoyed the nightlife.  Lastly, we planned to go back to India through the Saloni Border near Gorakhpur city.

Nepal placed a beautiful impact and our journey was quite successful. But, this time is full of sorrow and grief for Nepal as well as India. Let us do something so that they may not be alone in this period of disaster.

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