One day in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia-The Petronas Tower-Batu Caves-Little India

This year I planned the Thailand trip with two of my traveler friends, but when I found that Malaysia visa is also very easy to get, we extended the trip by 2 more days and decided to explore at least the capital city- Kuala Lumpur.

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The Malaysia Visa

Though Malaysia doesn’t offer visa on arrival for Indians, it offers evisa which is also quite easy to get. But for the last one and a half year, Malaysia is offering eNTRI visa also which is much cheaper than the conventional evisa. You can apply both types of visa on their official website ‘‘ The only difference is that in evisa you are permitted to stay upto 30 days which costs upto $40 or Rs 2800 but the eNTRI visa costs only $20 or Rs 1400 but permits to stay upto 15 days only, but it is enough for the tourism purpose. For eNTRI visa, another condition you must fulfill is that you must have either a direct flight from India to Malaysia or transit through Thailand, Singapore or Brunei only.

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Landing at the Kuala Lumpur Airport

Our Vietjet Airline flight from Phuket to Kulala Lumpur just took about 1hr 30mins only. This airport is located 55km far from the city centre but a lot of options are available to reach the city. You can simply hire a taxi costing about RM 20 (20 Ringgit, the Malaysian currency, 1 Ringgit=16 Rupees approx). Or you can also get a bus or even catch the metro. Roads of Malaysia are so fine that to cover this 55km, it takes less than 30 minutes! All the people in Malaysia speak English well, so you won’t have any language problem.

Check in at the hotel

Our hotel was located in the Bukit Bintang area, we had booked a three bedded room on MakeMyTrip at a cost of Rs 2000 per night with free breakfast too. The only thing which disappointed us was the ‘Malaysian Tourism Tax’ amounting RM10 or around 150INR which we had to pay at the hotel, it is not included in the total booking amount. Further, the bathrooms do not have any bucket and mug, same case was in Thailand too. You can use the free wi-fi and remain connected.

Exploring the city

We decided to explore the city on our own, but the hotel offered us a free city tour but it was not exactly a free tour which we realised later. A lady took us to various shopping malls and stores in the so called free tour, they showed us all the costly items, tea, coffee, chocolates and may lifestyle items which were beyond our budget. So, we ultimately requested her to please drop us to the city centre, also known as KLCC near the famous Petronas Twin Tower.

The Petronas Twin Tower- One of the highest buildings of the world

The Petronas Twin Towers or simply called as twin towers, is the main attraction of the city. It has 88 floors and 400mtr high. Form every corner of the city, you can see this tower. The tower has many shopping complexes but you are allowed to visit only upto 5 floors, beyond that you will have to pay Rs 1500 or RM100. If you choose to pay, you can go upto the view point located in the upper half of the towers and have an amazing view of the beautiful city. At the ground floor, there is a small garden with fountains, you can take as much pictures as you want, keeping the tower as the background. In the evening, as the lights begin to glow, the towers look like huge candles.

Walking in the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a very neat and clean, well maintained city, you can hardly find any instances of debris anywhere. Traffic is also very disciplined. You can walk on the footpath and go slowly while staring at the high rise buildings. In the evening, streets look more beautiful, a number of mini bulbs and lights begin to glow even on the trees. Every corner seems as a selfie point.

The Batu Caves

The Batu Caves located in the outskirts of the Kuala Lumpur city is the only natural thing we found beyond the concrete jungle of the city. A big cave on the top of a small hill is known as Batu Caves. You can reach here at a cost of RM30 or Rs 300 by a taxi. You can also take a bus or metro. As you enter the premises, you see some temples in our south Indian style, even south Indian people can be seen. A huge idol of Lord Rama is standing just beside the staircase to the hilltop or on the way to the caves. The entry is free here, but you will have to climb upto 270 steps to reach the caves. Being a Hinduism theme, you can again find some more temples of Lord Shiva here. There is also some camping and adventure sports available, but they are little bit costly. The most amazing thing you can notice here is the areal view of the whole KL city! Even the Petronas Twin towers is visible form here.

Ultimately the Little India

It is an amazing feeling to find something Indian in another country. And if you find a place which is already called “Little India”, what else could be more fun than that? In Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur, a small area with Indian look is known as “Little India”, but basically it has the flavor of not all the India, but only the south India. You can find a lot of south Indian style restaurants, garments, dressing materials, shops etc. The most interesting part is that you can enjoy the south Indian dishes like Idli and Dosa here! I forgot to mention that the time zone of Malaysia is 2hr 30min ahead of Indian time zone.

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