Social Media Details Required now for US Visa Application

US Visa

The U.S. govt has presented new set of rules for individuals intending to apply for United States visa. The new standard makes it obligatory for all US Visa candidates to present their web-based social networking profiles.

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In March 2018, when the Trump organization initially proposed the standards, the American Civil Liberties Union had said there was no proof that such internet based life checking is powerful or reasonable, including that it would make individuals self-blue pencil on the web.

But however, the diplomatic and official passport holders will be exempted from this rule. But work and study visa applicants will have to follow the new guidelines.

According to the new standard, candidates will also need to give five years of email and telephone numbers.

The US issued an announcement that this step will help the real travelers to travel to the United States.

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The thought was proposed a year ago when experts assessed that 14.7 million individuals will be affected by it every year.

An authority also cautioned about the individuals who lie on their online social media accounts.

According to the prior rules, just individuals who are related with the world constrained by the different fear mongers’ or terrorists groups were required to present their data.

This procedure of ‘extraordinary screening’ of settlers had started in the year 2016 when Trump had made taking action against undesirable immigrants.

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