Tips For Your Trip To Hong Kong- A Guide

A Trip to Hongkong
A Trip to Hongkong

In this post I am writing about a guide for your trip to Hong Kong City.

1. You need a visa.

To get a visa, you need to hand over the documents requested by the embassy and a few days later get your passport.

The visa is valid to enter the country within 3 months of issuing the visa for one entry and six months for two-entry visas.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the dates so that the visa does not expire and you have no problems with travel.

Special Note for Indians: Indian Nationals can visit Hongkong without a visa but, it is mandatory to do a Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR) from GovHK official website. This free visa will be valid for 14 days. For more information, click here.

2. The culture shock is big!

The contrast between the modern and the millennial is one of the most striking things in Hong Kong.

You will come across monuments that have been erected for centuries and which feature traditional architecture sharing space with skyscrapers and old-fashioned tea ceremonies taking place next to fast food chains .

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3. Prepare for large crowds.

Because of the large number of people, you will find crowded places, queues and bustles constantly.

This is because, besides the residents, Hong Kong receives a multitude of tourists from around the world.

Thus, the main tourist attractions will always be crowded and even small towns in the interior may have a larger population than those in certain countries.

4. Mania of greatness.

Chinese architecture is often huge and sometimes exaggerated.

You will notice this even on the plane when you come across the huge buildings surrounding the airports – which are among the largest in the world. Hong Kong has several buildings on the world’s largest lists!

5. Security.

This is an extremely positive point for anyone considering a trip to Hong Kong .

The country is considered very safe and you do not have to worry about being robbed.

There are security cameras everywhere and street policing is also frequent.

Airport-like metal detecting machines can also be found in places such as subway stations and museums.

6. Watch out for taxi drivers.

That’s right. It is common for taxi drivers and tuk-tuks (small motorcycles that work as capsule-shaped mototaxis), realizing that the customer is a tourist, to try to negotiate the value of the race rather than turning on the meter.

In this price combination, the one who always loses is the passenger, who ends up paying up to three times the value of the race.

Watch out for change too! Taxi drivers often try to pass on fake bills to inattentive customers.

7. The subway is the most recommended means of transport.

To escape the pitfalls of taxi drivers, the best transportation to get around in Hong Kong is the subway.

Easy to use and fully bilingual, another plus point of the Chinese subway is that the price is much higher and counts and you escape the chaotic traffic of overcrowded cities. Ah! Traffic in Hong Kong is crazy and drivers often don’t respect basic laws like stopping at a crosswalk.

Therefore, as a pedestrian, be very careful when crossing the street and also when walking on the sidewalk, as some motorcyclists invade them without ceremony.

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8. The Chinese way of expressing themselves.

In general, Chinese people can be loud, loud and often you will confuse a conversation with a fight.

Burp in public is also very normal as it is considered a sign of gratitude among the Chinese – don’t be alarmed, this is totally cultural!

The Chinese also smoke indoors, such as restaurants and public restrooms. Once again, it is part of the local culture.

9. Websites blocked.

Many sites are blocked in Hong Kong, such as Facebook and Google.

So install everything you need on your smartphone and notebook before the trip. There are applications that mask your connection and allow access via VPN, freeing the prohibited sites, but many of these software are considered illegal. Be careful with their use.

Jebby is the author of the site Ultimate Vietnam which is about Vietnam Visa and other visa for various countries. She usually travels a lot around the world and almost experienced a lot. Usually people travel a lot to experience different phases of life. In this long distance travelling, visa process takes more procedure and it is not as simple as we think. It is different for various countries. So for traveling abroad, visa and passport is the most important thing which you cannot skip. Here she comes with lots of stuff about visa procedures for various countries and also more about travelling around the world.

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