Top 5 Flight Booking Sites in India for Domestic & International flights

Once upon a time, people used to hover around the travel agents to get a flight ticket done, but now the scenario is completely different. With an increased reach of internet worldwide, things have gone very clear. So, in the travel industry too, it is very easy to plan, search, book or anything else through internet.

Now, I am going to tell you top 5 websites in India, which are very good for flight booking, specially which I have also used at least once in my life.

1. Official website of the airline

It’s always my first choice to book flights from their official website only. There are pros and cons of booking a flight from a third party agent website like Make My Trip, Goibibo etc. If you book from these sites you may get some discounts but some times you may pay higher charges too. Convenience fees is another thing that may be higher on the third party sites. So, it’s a wise idea to check the official website first, then also some third party sites and also some price comparison sites to find the best deal. But sometimes when you have to book an international flight whose website does not have a option to accept Indian currency payment, it becomes compulsory to book through an third party agent website.

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2. Goibibo

This is the site I have booked so many flights till now. While their website is user friendly and fast. they also offer some Gocash or Gocash+ as a reward for every booking or referral. Customer support is also good and they remind you regularly about your upcoming trip updates. You can also book hotels, bus tickets, trains etc on Goibibo. They are also offering free ticket cancellation options for domestic flights.

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3. Make My Trip

This is perhaps the most famous Indian travel booking portal. It has been offering great prices and deals so far. But sometimes I feel lack of user friendliness on their new changed website, but their Android app is great. Their customer service is also good and responsive. You can cancel, reschedule or any modifications though their website only, no need to call the airline directly. They have also introduced free cancellation options for domenstic flights.


IRCTC is known for railway ticket booking, but they have also introduced flight and hotel booking for a few years. Being a govt site, I do not think they have a great website like Goibibo or MakeMyTrip, but they may offer cheaper rates. The thing I like most about them is that their convenience fees is only Rs 50 which is a great thing while the other sites, even the official airline websites charge as much as Rs 300 for this. You can check their site here

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5. Skyscanner

Actually, people visit Skyscanner not for make a booking, but for comparing prices. Although you can make a booking here, but it will redirect you to that particular airlines’ website. You can get a list of prices month-wise and also compare the prices among various airlines too. After all, it’s a great website

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