Top Websites for Budget and Solo Travelers

In this era of internet, nothing is remaining untouched. In the earlier times, people used to take help from other travelers around them for planning any trip. But it is not even required now, everything lies in your pocket’s smartphone.


Budget is an important factor for backpackers, flash packers or solo budget travelers. There are plenty of materials already available on the internet about budget travel tips, I am going to present a list of them so that you can find them easily on a single page.

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1. How to find cheapest flights?

SkyScanner: So, this is the burning questions for most of travelers. If we need to travel by flight, a major part of the trip cost is spent in flights. There are many flight comparison websites on the internet, out of them, SkyScanner is the most popular site to compare flights. You can either use it on desktop or download the Android app here.

SecretFlying: Another interesting site about cheap flights I have found recently is SecretFlying. This website will tell you about the cheapest travel routes worldwide. The site is like a blog, you can also download their Android app here. You will only have to choose your favorite departure countries or continental region, and the site will start sending you the cheapest flight dates whenever available.

Suppose you are searching India to Indonesia flights, the most popular routes may be from Delhi to Bali, Mumbai to Bali or Chennai to Bali or Delhi to Jakarta. The SecretFlying website will tell you about the cheapest flights with dates as soon as it finds any.

2. How to find the cheapest accommodation,stay, hotel or hostel?

Now after finding the cheapest flights, your search points towards finding the cheapest accommodation options like hostels or hotels. You can read about 4 Best Hostels about Your Europe Trip

CouchSurfing: If you have ever heard the name of CouchSurfing, you must know that it is a host exchange platform for the travelers where you can stay free at some other traveler’s home or you yourself as a host can also invite others. You can read more about couchsurfing here. Travel Round The World With Couchsurfing! and My first couchsurfing experience in Varanasi .

HostelWorld and HostelBookers: Now if you are unable to find any free host, you can try hostels. Hostels are best options for backpackers. Besides saving money, hostels are best way to exchange culture, language and meeting new travelers from other countries. The best hostel booking websites are and

However, you may not feel comfortable in CouchSurfing or staying in hostels, you may be in search of budget hotels. When in India, Goibibo is my first choice for booking hotels as they offer many cashback features like GoCash which you can use for next bookings. Other popular websites are MakeMyTrip, Yatra and Cleartrip.

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In many occasions, you may need a hotel for which you don’t want to pay online, but pay at hotel. For this type of requirements, you can try one of the most popular websites . Booking at is very easy and most of the time, you don’t need to pay or share your credit card details. Both hotels and hostels can be booked at this site.

3. How to find the cheapest transportation options?

Now you may be thinking of cheapest modes of transportation. Being a hard core traveler, you must have heard of Hitch Hiking which is very popular in the western countries. It means you have to travel by asking a lift. But it is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience. If you have fixed travel dates, you can’t rely upon this method of traveling.

BlaBlaCar: Suppose you want to travel from a city to another city and you are not in a position to hire a full cab. What if you are able to find a shared private car! BlaBlaCar is a great platform for sharing a ride. It is almost like online car pooling. You can find a ride or offer a ride for a certain price. But even if it is not a free ride concept, it will save your money by avoiding a full fledged taxi hiring.

There are many other ride sharing platforms available on the internet, you can search on Google.

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